PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part 1

PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part 1 1A great way to increase squirting ability is to exercise your PC muscles.  Female ejaculation is a learned skill and it mostly takes practice and getting used to the feelings of the different muscles. As you gain muscle control, you will learn how the muscles in your pussy feel and learn greater muscle control and awareness when different muscles are flexing.  So using the muscles and practicing moving them…is the best way to become more familiar with them.

So this is the basic steps to start exercising and for women to strengthen your PC muscles:

1) Any time you pee, stop the stream of pee as many times as you can and restart.  Aim for more than 10 starts and stops. (This allows you to get familiar with flexing that muscle. )

2) After a few days of starting and stopping peeing…in the morning or evening practice squeezing the muscles while laying on your back in bed.  If you don’t have a bed, lay on you back as best you can in your cage. 😉
At this point, you may find it useful to get a mirror and look at your bits while you flex. Seeing yourself flex as well as feeling it helps cement the muscle memory and will make it easier to control the muscle flexing.

3) Flex and hold for 2 seconds and then release. Wait a second then repeat.  Do this 20 times and do it every day for a week.

4) Now you should have a bit more control over your PC muscle…so start squeezing and flexing 20 times several times a day as well. Keep doing them on you back and while you pee…but add standing and sitting positions. You can do this anywhere as no one can tell.  So that’s 3 sets of 20 reps.

These are just starter exercises. Do them for a week or two before moving on to more serious exercises that will enable you to squeeze, give you a ‘magic vagina’*  and help you to squirt like a Queen.

[To be continued]

*all vaginas are magic…but guys will call it that by name 😉

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