PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II

PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 1I recently did a post on PC muscle exercises for women (see my starter post here) and now it’s time for some advanced exercises. First off, to clarify, Kegel exercises are exercises invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel and they involve strengthening and conditioning your PC muscles. There are
many reasons to do Kegel exercises in order to strengthen your PC muscle: it allows you greater vaginal control for gripping and massaging the cocks inside you (giving you a more magical pussy);  it increases you ability for female ejaculation aka squirting; it intensifies your orgasms; and finally it is an energy pump for
tantric practices.

So after becoming learning the location of your PC muscles and doing the starter exercises so that you are familiar with the how to flex them (see this post for the basic exercises), it’s time to take it to the next level. The following are some more advanced exercises and the more frequently you practice them, the better.

A) Lay on you back and cock your hips backwards as you relax your PC
muscles. Then slowly thrust your hips forward in a fucking motion
while taking a deep breath and clenching your muscles as hard as you
can. Hold the ‘thrust forward’ position for at least 5 seconds as
you continue to inhale. When you can’t inhale any further, relax the
muscles as you exhale and rock your hips backwards again.  Repeat
this 50 to 100 times.

Note: this exercise is extremely similar to tantric exercises and if
you want to make it a tantric exercise too, simply imagine energy
flowing up through your taint (between your pussy and asshole) and
flowing up through your core while you flex and thrust forwards.
Then as you relax, exhale and  let the energy flow out of the
highest point it got to and flow downwards to your taint.  As you
proceed with the exercise, have the energy flow higher and higher
through your body with each rep until it is flowing out the crown of
your head.
B) Throughout the day, whenever you find yourself in a different position, do a set of 50 super intense squeezes: squeeze hard and hold for 3-5 seconds and release. Do this from every possible position including standing, sitting, sitting cross legged,  squatting, prone, on a bike, and kneeling etc.

B) Kegel Exercise devices. There are a number of commercially available devices that are insertedPC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 2 into the vagina for the purpose of strengthening your PC muscles. They all come with instructions and I think these devices are worthy of another post…partially because Ashlie uses them and I really should talk to her about them and get her feedback as I obviously have no firsthand experience. But the device she has allows her to squeeze it shut and has spring in it for resistance.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes:PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 3


Note: the best tool I currently know of for strengthening PC muscles is my cock.

C) Using a vibrator or dildo, insert it up inside you. Then practicePC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 4
pushing and squeezing it out of you. At first you might not be able to move it at all or very little. That is OK. Practice makes perfect. Simply push and ‘bear down’ an notice how far you can move the dildo.  Practice pushing it further and further until eventually you can push it clean out of your pussy. Then put it back up there
and practice pushing it out again.  As you start this exercise you will probably only be able to move it an inch or so with each bearing down so it will take multiple pushes to get it out of you.

Keep trying and push! If you can barely move it, repeat the exercise just 10 times.  As you get better and better at it, increase the number of repetitions up to 50 or 100.  Soon, with practice, you
should be able to push it clear out of you in one solid push.

Also, some vibrators were designed specifically for the purpose of doing kegel exercises.

PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 5


Note: if you do this one right, at first you may notice that your
pussy is sore and achy a day or so afterwards.  This is simply the
muscle fibres rebuilding themselves.  It can feel fairly intense. If
this happens to you…the ‘pain’ is a good thing. It’s your pussy
getting stronger. Do not exercise again for 2 days (so you are doing
the exercises every 3 days only). The pain will diminish each timePC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 6
but it is ideal to feel something…so push yourself so you feel this.

D) This is a variation on exercise C above. Once you can easily push a dildo out of you in a solid push 100 times in a row. ..it’s time to add resistance to the exercise.   Insert the dildo and put your
hand on the end and resist it while you push out.  Make it so you resist it just enough that you can barely push it out. It should be a struggle. Repeat this again 50-100 times and as you keep practicing this…keep increasing the resistance. You may end up squirting as a result of doing this. If this happens, try to save it as a drink of a lover.

Note: You may find it helpful to have a sadistic fucker holding it in you and spanking your pussy for not pushing it hard enough — as
this can provide incentive to get really good at this exercise 😉

By doing the bearing down exercises you will greatly enhance you
ability to squirt and to squeeze your pussy.


 PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II 7
It kinda looked like this… but shot over
my shoulder and unfortunately most
missed me.

With one girl I went
out with for about several years who was able to i) push my cock out of her pussy pretty much no matter what unless I had a good grip of her and was ready for it and holding myself in. ii) she could squeeze so much that she could make me cum just with the pulses of her
squeezing her pussy…and she could grip me really tight (as in, like squeezing really hard with her hand.) iii) she could squirt tons and get good distance too. Once, during a 3-some, she squirted from a laying position over 1 other person who was laying down (this
person was eating her out), then over my shoulder (I was kneeling while in said laying down person’s mouth) and then it cleared the
rest of the bed and hit the mirror on the wall above my head level.

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