Perfect Polly Pet

You can get a Perfect Polly Pet here at
I was excited to get a clone of Ashlie but when no matter where I
looked on the website it only mentioned nonsense about some stupid
robotic bird.

Apparently perfection is in the eye of the beholder

I made me think of a website Ashlie directed me to on real dolls:
they were supposed to be sexy perfect companions dolls to dress up…but I couldn’t escape the fact that the dolls were inexplicably creepy. I dunno, maybe I have an unnatural disposition towards real
girls being my dolls but I’ve always found real girls vastly more interesting than Barbies. Real girls tend to have better proportions too: dolls should never be made in DD cup sizes on a tiny frame — they look utterly ridiculous.

Ok, in truth they look horrifying.  This is due to the uncanny valley effect. The uncanny valley effect is the feelings of horror and shear terror at things at that are almost but not quite human.
If something is 60% human — say a statue of a manga girl that clearly isn’t human but definitely humanoid…it’s not really a problem.  But when you get things like robots that look remarkably
like humans — say 97% human  — it’s fucking horrifying.  Some part of us sees it a human that has had something horribly creepy and wrong happen to it.  And because of this, I find the whole real sex
doll industry to be baffling — but it goes to show that some guys*
will fuck anything.

The first graph I saw was more scientific and labelled the bottom of
the valley as ‘terror’ on the y-axis. Instead of ‘zombie’ it read,
“robot with human skin”

Of course, I’m not judging. If you like real dolls, that’s cool. I
am just saying that I have a excessively strong preference for human
girls. And…these guys are driving the development of ever more
realistic sex dolls — which will one day get to over 99% human
looking and suddenly they will take the world by storm and make it
even more difficult for girls to get laid as they will be competing
not only with internet porn but highly skilled sex robots. So my
plan is…take full advantage of this and ignore any sex doll
options in favor of real connections with girls.

*same class of guys that feel strong sexual to bowls of jello.

Of course, some real live human girls can achieve the effect too:


So what do you like more? The one above or below?


Personally, I prefer my own version of the perfect polly pet: Ashlie <3 <3 <3

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