Stumping Part II

[Continued from Stumping Part I]

“Get up” I said to the girl on my kitchen floor.  She was a sweet
little hottie whom I’d lured into my place for the first time. I enjoyed seeing how nervous she was…thinking I didn’t know very-hot-bedpan-amputee about her fake leg attached to her amputee limb. But I was winning her
confidence and trust, mostly through non-verbals by just being caring and understanding.

Yet I was taking her down to my dungeon…where Special K was naked and in a wooden cage. This would be interesting. I was rushing it
but sometimes you’ve just got to go for it.   She was standing now
and moved in and pressed up behind her.  She pushed back against me
with her whole body– a very good sign.

“I’m going to take you downstairs …where I have lots of fun toys.
Do you like to play with toys?” I teased.

She nodded breathlessly.

“I am going to use my toys on you. And you’re going to love it. But
some of the toys are really special, highly valuable and … the
best sex toys ever invented. Are you ready?” I whispered hotly into
her ear.

She was squeezing her thighs together now in anticipation. This girl
was definitely good to go. I love it when a plan comes together —
even if that plan is only about 2min old.

“Come on” I started to lead her by the hand down the stairs. When we
got to the bottom, I said, “Many things here will surprise you —
but you have some surprises of your own, no doubt. So I will flow
with anything surprises you have…if you promise to flow with any
surprises I have. Deal?”

You nodded enthusiastically. I was giving her permission to feel
comfortable and unjudged about her inevitable unveiling of her
amputated limb…something she has yet to discuss with me and was
probably taking up about 500% of her mental activity. Well, I was
about to throw a wrench into that. I let go of her hand and turned
to face her, walking backwards.

“Come into my dungeon,” I commanded.  It was important for her to
come in of her own free will.

She stepped forward.

“Stop.” I said as I held out my hand. She staggered to a halt,

“If you come in here, you are granting me permission to pleasure you
in any way I see fit, with anything in here.  Anything at all. I may
even tie you up…but since we haven’t discussed anything, I will go
easy on you. If you want to stop things…say ‘Physics’. But it’s my
goal to never hear that word from you. Understood?”

She looked a bit puzzled, kinda like a deer in the headlights. She
looked me in the eyes and I smiled at her, patiently waiting.    She
kinda half nodded and stepped cautiously forward, her slight limp
noticeable  –but she advanced with all the confidence of a virgin
approaching a porn set.

She awkwardly stumbled forward all hesitant — as if she thought
someone would pull her back. It was so cute and adorable. “Come
closer to me. I won’t bite. Yet.”  She voluntarily approached me but
as soon as she was in striking range I pulled her into me and kissed
her passionately.

And she melted.

Her mouth tasted like spearmint and felt warm as our teeth lightly
bounced off each as my tongue explored her willing mouth. Still
kissing, I reached down and gripped the base of her tank top with
each hand. Suddenly I yanked upwards, pulling her top fluidly off of
her. She was wearing a little white cotton bra with no underwire nor
clasps at the back: just tiny pink flowers on it. Hmmm, most girls
opt for black and lacy or red and lacy…not cotton. But hey, her
tiny little tits didn’t need any support…so I promptly removed it
as well.

Her tits were small, between a AA and an A-cup but nicely round,
perky and sweet little eraser nipples. I smiled at her and she self
consciously tried to cover to small tits and said, “What??”

I shook my head as I pulled her hands away, re-exposing her sweet
little rack. “I was just thinking about how good your tits would
look with my cum all over them.”

As she smiled I caught her off guard and again she found herself on
the floor, this time on all fours as I unbuttoned and unzipped her.
She started to resist saying, “There’s something I need to tell –”

“Don’t worry, she won’t freak out. She’s a total perv too.” I cut her off while throwing her into confusion as I pulled her
pants down. Mmmmhmm…cotton panties too: this girl clearly had few
expectations of getting laid today. As I got her pants to her the
top of her fake leg, my comment finally clicked: she looked up and
into the face of Special K.

Special K was naked in a locked wooden cage in my dungeon. She is a young looking Japanese girl who is very thin – and you could easily see she had a flat, gorgeous stomach and perkymaster-pisses-for-caged-slave
B-cup tits — as she was completely naked, without so much as pubic hair to hide her dignity.

The amputee and Special K locked eyes and the shocked new arrival froze and completely stopped resisting the removal of her pants.  My little amputee was now wearing just her white cotton panties and her fake leg but she was
so shocked by the presence of a naked Japanese girl in a wooden cage that she was speechless. Good…I like to see brains melt.

It wasn’t until I started to remove her fake leg that she snapped out of it. She reached down to hold her leg on and I slapped her hands
away. She looked at me with horror — as if she was about have her biggest secret revealed. I could hardly wait. As I pulled her leg
off it made a pop sound as the suction of the leg broke away
from her stump. And what a stump it was! She had the most beautiful
cock-like stump I’d ever seen! I was like a huge cock! She was
definitely more well hung than I: 13 inches long and thick as an
exhaust pipe ending in a nicely rounded head. OMFG! This girl has a
fucking massive dildo for a leg. But better than a dildo, it was
smooth, warm skin.

The fact that this girl could be so self conscious about having a
perfect fucking instrument as a leg made me want to demonstrate to
her just what a gift she had. Meanwhile, Special K was totally
perving it up. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her stump and had,
like the well trained slut that she was, started masturbating.

Part of me wanted to lick her giant cock-stump…it was so pretty.
But there was no way I could deep throat such a giant tool so I
jerked it off with my hand, “Yeah, you are such a pretty girl! Why
did you tell me you had such an awesome stump? Fuck you’re sexy!”

The look on her face was priceless. This was obviously the first
heavily positive reaction she’d had — and from two people too. She
kept looking at K touching herself — which was a great thing as, in
my haste, I’d neglected to do such key things as screen her to make
sure she was bi.

Fuck, now comes a time that could potentially ruin my mood…but
still, if she needed to be shaved: she needed to be shaved.  And
given the fact that she was wearing little girl cotton panties
didn’t give me a lot of hope. Well, if she required a shaving, I’d
get K to do it and go cool off for a bit. Damn…should I risk that?
I wouldn’t want to break the flow.  New girls are always so
complicated. I quickly decided that it’s best to play it safe and
have her stump Special K’s bare pussy while keeping her panties on.

“Your stump is a godsend…the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.caged-naked-female
Don’t you think so K?” I asked and we both turned to catch her
response. K, not one to mince words promptly got on her knees, face
to the floor with her ass up in the air and pressed herself up
against the wooden bars while using her hands to spread. Subtle. My
fault really: I had trained her to be a total whore –yet we already
taken this girl from zero to sixty and now…

I snatched some nearby lube from the gallon pump container (fyi,
always buy lube in a container with a pump for easy access).
Slathering her stump with lube, I jerked her made-for-sex-stump off
and found myself hard as a rock. This was good. If this girl had any
fears about my genuine feelings…dicks don’t lie. So I pulled my
raging hard cock out while I jerked off her stump faster. “See what
you did?”

Now I pulled her on her back over to Special K. I grabbed her hand
and put it on my cock — now I was the one not being subtle.
Squirting lube into her hand I said, “Take care of this.”

She had delicate and thin fingers that knew exactly how to touch me
and her lubed hand felt like a tight pussy. Which was the perfect
sensation for what I was about to do. I had never partaken in any
form of stumping and neither had Special K. I knew because I’d
chatted with her about wanting to fuck an amputee.

Still, this amputee was extraordinary. Better than my highest
expectations…her stump was long, thin, symmetrical and rounded.
This girl could be a hugely successful porn star. I’m serious. Her
tight little body, pretty face, firm stomach, perky little
tits…and a stump cock like John Holmes…only rarer and it never
got soft.

I rubbed her nub up against the slit of Special K’s hairless pussy.
“Have you ever had sex with this before?” I asked. She looked at me,
stunned that this was happening to her. She shook her head after a

“Are you old enough to lose your virginity?” I teased.

She nodded.

“This is Special K. She is mine. She’s also a stump virgin so just
relax and enjoy yourself and I’ll take care of you. K, use the
Hitachi an your clit.”

With that, Special K started the magical vibrator on her swollen
love bud. I could see she was dripping wet…as she always was for
any new and perverse activity. God, I love that girl!

Now I looked back at my little amputee. I wanted to enjoy her being
a virgin a few lingering moments longer. I looked down at her with
kind eyes…flashing my true emotions for her. I fucking adored this
little girl! So meek and obviously mistreated by those
unappreciative of the fucking-mad-hottie that she was. It was like
looking down at the ugly duckling who didn’t know she was a swan.
“You are so fucking hot. Please, take K’s stump virginity,” I said
as leaned over and kissed her.

She looked back at me with a gleaming eyes and I knew she was as
horny as I was.

I took her stump and slowly slid it into K’s tight pussy.  It went
in 2 inches at first…then ever so slowly  3…4…5…6 inches —
and Special K burst into a shuddering orgasm.

“See, you made her cum already. You leg was made for fucking.” I
said with a giant grin.  Then I pulled her out to about 1 inch deep.
Then in again, and out, and in…I began fucking Special K with her
stump going a little deeper each time.   It looked so damn hot,
seeing her leg deep inside K’s soaking pussy.

I pumped in and out faster now…enjoying the sights…the
feel…then something came over this youthful amputee! She started
actively using her leg to pump and fuck Special K.  She pounded her
deep and hard, fast and furious…and started to moan. Not K but the
amputee…she was really enjoying the feel of her let up inside the
warm, slick, ever so tight Asian pussy.  And K started rocking back
and forth too, fucking her stump as if it were a giant hard cock.  K
shuddered again with an intense orgasm. “Keep going K. Faster!” I
encouraged her.

These girls got into a rhythm all of their own and began fucking
like a rabbits: rapid and ever so intense.  The Amputee started
moaning non-stop now as her stump fucked deep and hard into Special
K’s pussy. But she didn’t neglect her duties towards my cock as she
jerked it at the exact same pace as she stumped K’s pussy.

See this was…epic. Truly epic. I wanted to freeze time but these
fuckdolls were working their way to ever more intense orgasms. I
never new an amputee could enjoy stumping like THIS!

Then it happened.

“Oh Sir, please! Please touch my bare little pussy! My hairless
cunt is so wet for you Sir.”

I ripped her panties off to reveal a pussy that lookedlaser-bare…not just shaved…but no hint of stubble whatsoever.
And she was dribbling wet. I slipped my fingers inside her easily
with all her natural soaked state and started hammering her g-spot
while my other hand expertly manipulated her swollen clit.

Meanwhile K started arching and humping in the way I recognized as
her per-squirt fuck move. I was about to lose it myself as my orgasm
welled up inside my loins.  I watched as her super-sexy stump fucked
K pussy like a pro as the amputee’s voice went up in pitch by an
octave. Suddenly K lunged and started squirting rivers down
the amputee’s leg, thigh and spraying her pussy just as the amputee
and I lost it at the same time. Her squirts mixed with Special K’s
female ejaculation and I came all over her squirting pussy — until
everythin  went fucking white hot as my mind exploded and I lost all
sense of the physical world I became one with the combined orgasm of
all three of us.


10 minutes later I returned to my body: laying in a puddle of the
squirt of two goddesses. I managed to open my eyes and saw the girls
French kissing through the wooden bars of Special K’s cage.
“Get up” I said to the girl on my kitchen floor.  She was a sweet
little hottie whom I’d lured into my place for the first time. I
enjoyed seeing how nervous she was…thinking I didn’t know about
her fake leg attached to her amputee limb. But I was winning her
confidence and trust, mostly through non-verbals by just being
caring and understanding.

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