Use Me

Your balls are aching and you want to cum. I can see that

Use me.

Run your finger through my hair till you have a good grip, yank my head downwards, and fill my
throat with your cock. You don’t have to say a word — I know what I am for.

Throw me onto my back. Slap my thighs if I haven’t spread them far enough apart. Take my tight  cunt with your cock. That’s what it is here for. Make your cock wet enough with my juices so you can enter my ass next. I am just a sex toy, operating as designed.

Dig your nails into my back if I am not whimpering loud enough for you. Twist my nipples. Bite my neck.  If I am too loud now, slap my face as you wrap your strong hands around my throat and gag me with the palm of your hand.  I am your toy to be as loud or soft as pleases you.

Pull out and I instantly start rubbing my cunt because it pleases you. Lube your cock up and then work a lubed finger into my ass. I’d gladly take your fist and I push back to encourage you to force me open. This is my purpose. This is why this body is here. Pull your fingers out and quickly replace them with your cock.

I moan. I gasp. I tremble. And you fuck me like you hate me.



I start to collapse and you  force me to spread wider. You hand on my throat again with your breath on my ear as you bite my earlobe. “It doesn’t matter if you cum.” I know. My purpose to serve your cock and make it feel good. I clench my ass tighter for you. You can switch between any hole that pleases you as I am just your sex toy whose life’s purpose is your release.


I know you love me. That you can be gentle, funny, playful and kind. But I love you because you are also a sick and twisted bastard who treats me like an object. My body glides over yours and your lips press into mine.

I know you love me. But I show you my love by always being available to make you cum.

So use me. Hard.

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