Where to Buy Hardware

I recently discovered Ohio Travel Bag and it is awesome. They have just about everything a pervert could want in terms of fasteners and chains. Every kind of chain, attachment, wall tie points, metal rings and more — all at really great prices.

I think they may know they are catering to the kinky community too because this page here http://www.ohiotravelbag.com/FlipBook/P212_BOOK_1.indb/index.html#/80/  seems to feature clover clamps with chains between them, bite balls and a riding crop.

The prices are great too!

Of course, you have to call them to get the best prices and order more than $30 but that should be pretty damn easy.   If you want the best prices, as for their ‘prices breaks’ for X number of items. For example, the price for the nipple chains plummets if you order more than 12.

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you have friends in the kinky community…order together for massive savings. Additionally, they WILL point out perverted uses for items that you’d skimmed over and not seen the potential: so be ready to bump up your order as you will want things you didn’t know you wanted.

To give you an idea, they have over 20 pages of stuff like this:

So you can get exactly what you want.

They also feature lots of leather working tools, webbing and belt attachments and much much more!

Once you are ready to order or you just want prices (again, be sure to ask about price breaks for buying many of the item), give them a call at 1-800-800-1941.

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