15 Hypnosis Tips

2-slaves-with-butt-plugsAs I have previously mentioned, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for BDSM and training a slave. The use of hypnotic suggestion can greatly improve your slave’s enjoyment of a scene and improve her overall ability to serve you. (I know, I know, I haven’t actually written the How To Hypnotize Your Slave Guide yet…I’m working on it!)

But in order to use hypnosis effectively, you have to understand how to use it as a tool. There are several suggestions (no pun intended) that I can put forth that can you understand how hypnosis works and how to properly use it as a tool.

These guidelines will apply to all hypnosis and not just use in BDSM.

Here are my Top 15 Tips for Hypnosis:

  1. Use a script until you are very comfortable with hypnosis. You may find it extremely useful to write out a script that you are going to use with your slave. Beginners often make mistakes when winging it but if you develop a script beforehand, then you can proofread it for errors. After you are more experienced, you will see that the script is just a general guideline– it’s the phrasing that is of utmost importance.
  2. Imagination is key. Her subconscious mind will respond best by actively engaging her imagination and use every sense possible to make it as vivid as possible.
  3. Be playful. It is best to be flexible and playful…not ridged. If a certain turn of phrase seems particularly useful…use it! If she hints at something she finds deeply relaxing…latch onto it and use that knowledge to get her to ever deeper states.
  4. Belief cannot simply be destroyed…they have to be replaced.
  5. Support beliefs with other known beliefs. Prop up new beliefs with as much logic as possible.
  6. Beliefs are extremely powerful. If you believe you can’t do something…it won’t matter how hard you try to do it… you will fail. The belief must be changed first.
  7. Strong emotions are great at cementing beliefs. The stronger the emotion is…the easier it is to affix a new belief.
  8. If she is expecting to be hypnotized and allowing of it…it will be super easy to hypnotize her. So prime her a lot beforehand and get her to want it to happen.
  9. Build on small acceptances and agreements. The more she begins to accept what you are saying or suggesting, the easier it will be for her to accept more difficult suggestions later on.
  10. If you can logically convince her that she wants it to happen, add her imagination to visualize it afterwards. This will have a powerful multiplying effect.
  11. The longer she can concentrate vividly on a subject, the more powerfully she will accept it.
  12. On a topic, the first suggestion given will have the greatest effect on her.
  13. Long held beliefs often come with physical and emotional reactions. What her body language closely as she will be communicating with you using it.
  14. Never suggest something that could be dangerous to her. She may be physically capable of more while hypnotized but there is a risk attached to performing physical tasks while hypnotized. So use this time for mindwork…not body work.
  15. Your job is to guide her and convince her through visualization and logic. Convince her that she wants it to happen and then help her see how it feels to have that happen.

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