A Wedding

This Saturday I was the best man at a great friend’s wedding.  BTW, this won’t exactly be a BDSM type story as it was a fairly vanilla environment.

It was truly and awesome time and a gathering of friends and family to see these two formally united –and the whole thing just pleased me to bits.

I was wearing a custom fit suit that looked pretty smashing with the french cuffs and cufflinks showing — and I always feel good in a nice suit. (It wasn’t the easiest thing though, I had intended on wearing my Hugo Boss suit that fits me like a glove but unfortunately I couldn’t find the pants!! :'(  )  But it was important that I look good as I was the best man and the groom was wearing a smashing Brooks Brothers suit and so I didn’t want to look like I was slumming it.

Early on at the wedding, this older and graceful blond lady and I strike up a conversation. A little in, as we are walking to get the next photo taken, she mentions that her back is totally sore.  Being a flirt, I put my hand lightly on her bare back (she was in a formal looking gold dress with an open back) and say, “You should get that massaged then. Best thing for it.”

She leans back into my hand before I removed it…and more flirting ensued. I thought to myself that she was thin and very hot and elegant for an older lady…so who knows where this night would lead. ha ha. Very shortly after that, the photographer calls her up for a photo with the just the groom: she was his MOM!!!!

bah ha ha haaa ha.

It would be so totally inappropriate to bang his mom at any time…never mind on his wedding night. And now…I had a awakened the cougar and she was on the prowl.

During diner, she sat beside me and she subtly let me know that she and her husband we separatedtransformer-metal-cufflink
–I knew this of course from another source — and that he was a famous rock star and as a result was getting lots of younger girls and she could no longer compete…and that she preferred the type of gentleman that ‘knew how to take charge.’ I kept saying things that I wanted kick myself for too.

For example, she did a whole self-depreciation thing saying, unlike her husband’s situation, younger men are never interested in older ladies.  I instinctively responded, “No no, with the internet, all that is changing. It is becoming increasingly respectable for younger men to date older women. Guys have figured out that they actually know what they are doing in bed.”

And…her foot comes over and playfully taps mine. Goddamnit! My natural responses were definitely getting me into trouble. Time to make a speech.

I got up and gave a toast to the bride that I made mostly as an exit… but it must have been good because I got like 25 people complimenting me on the toast and the bride and groom must have thanked me at least 15 times that evening for the toast. I wondering what I said? ha ha.

Now there was another situation going on concurrently.  Another lovely girl who I find super hot was there…with her boyfriend. She has a very interesting name, “Fable” and she is so cute it hurts. She’s the very embodiment of a pixie. She’s 4’9 and maybe 80 pounds with the cutest little face on her. She’s about 23 now though I’ve known her since she was 18. And she has a habit of changing her hair to wild colours, wearing wings and pvc and leather collars. And yes, I have tied her up many times and had 3-somes with her. This is not a bad thing at all but I was animalistically drawn to her tonight…even though her weeny boyfriend was standing right there.  She had the face of an angel and a light in her eye that made me giddy.

She also looked hot in the skin tight little dress she was wearing. Well, hot and edible. I was also
certain she was shaved bare as I’ve never seen so much as a hair on her pussy in all the years I’ve known her…and her boyfriend was now chatting me up. Meanwhile Fable is making smoldering eye contact with me. And then I got myself in trouble again. He says they can’t stay at all –and were going to miss an amazing techno DJ too — because the last bus was leaving at 12:30 and they had to leave early to be sure they caught it. So what do I say? “What? That won’t do at all! I have a big hotel suite I’m barely using — come stay with me.”


Fable lights up and runs into my arms and gives me a big hug saying, “That would be so awesome!”


Just like this —with a much cuter face

The boyfriend says, “That would be great!” And my first thought was, “Yes, let me get you another drink or 5.”

A while later, I am talking with the bride and groom and she approaches and say, “You really must come down to my villa in Costa Rica and stay with me awhile. It’s a lovely place and you’d love it there.” She looked at me like a snake does a mouse. And the groom lights up and says, “That would be amazing! You have to do that!”

Fuck my life.

Well, it was 10pm.  The DJ was no wedding hack but a real DJ who knew how to spin and the party was taking on a club atmosphere. We had a limo and cigars too, so what could go wrong?  I looked over at the open bar…and threw caution to the wind.


its good to be alive


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