Being Forced to Pee

Being forced to pee  (adding to the “Is it Piss? The Female Ejaculation Debate”) 

girl-giggling-on-toiletMany girls are extremely self-conscious about squirting because they are worried or concerned about incontinence…yes peeing themselves.  And to those girls, I offer the following stories based on my personal experiences.

Grabbing her by the hair, I force yet another pitcher of water down her gullet. She’s squeezing her thighs together and looking at me with eyes pleading to let her pee.  She’s never peed in front of me before.  So I have to make her first time special.

I lead her by the leash attached to her new collar and she eagerly follows me on all fours.  She’s butt naked except for the collar. And she actually thinks I’m going to let her pee.

Well…I will. But her body won’t.

I lead sit her on the toilet and immediately order her not to pee yet.  I order her to spread her legs so I can inspect her pussy. I know it’s perfectly hairless because I’ve already checked…but nothing like a quick inspection while she’s sitting on a toilet to really make her conscious of needing to pee.
Then I start playing with her clit. I expertly run my fingers up and down her slit until her clit is swollen enough to deserve my attention. I play with her clit and look into her eyes as she’s almost forgotten she needs to pee at all. It’s amazing: being sexually aroused makes it really difficult to pee.  Most guys are totally familiar with this…but girls usually are a bit clueless. You see, guys know you can’t piss through a raging hard on. Every 13 year old boy has tried…because they happen all the time then…and it never works!

xena-warrior-princess-peeing-in-riverWell, that’s not completely true: you can learn how to control the muscles and piss through a hardon. But if you haven’t practiced…it’s damn near impossible.  The body is designed to eject cum…not pee…when sexually aroused. Guys all know this. Ask them.  The plumbing switches over to the ‘cum piping’ and the pee valves get shut off.

Women and men have extremely similar structures and plumbing — as they all develop from the same basic units and differentiate as the fetus develops into a male or female. And so this trick of the plumbing that doesn’t allow you to pee while aroused also applies to women.

How do I know? Because I’m a twisted fucker who has gleefully used this on a variety of girls. I’ve yet to have one slave that could do pee the first time.

So I make her drink far too much so her bladder is ridiculously full and she’s dying to pee. Then, as described above, I sit her on the toilet and instead of letting her pee, I play with her.

With her clit swollen and delightlfully hard…I play with her love button while I start inserting fingers up her pussy and start finger fucking her till she’s close to cumming.

“So, you really need to pee, don’t you?”

A desperate nod and ‘yes’ usually follows — or I make her drinkhot-girl-on-toilet-panties-downmore…but I’ve never had to make her drink more…she’s always bursting.

“Are you ready to pee now?” I ask.

“Yes! Please Master,  I’m really worried about peeing on your hands,” she replies and I can tell she really believes it too.

“Ok, you may pee now,” I say as I pull my fingers out of her but keep playing with her clit.  She struggles and squirms…but nothing happens.  She looks distressed as she finally has permission to pee…and can’t.

“Come on, I thought you said you had to pee,” I tease her.

“I do! I don’t know why I can’t!” she explains to me far more surprised than I am.

“Come on, push it out.”

She pushes and pushes…but…   well….  nothing.

“Damn girl, I don’t think you ever needed to pee. Shall we go and I’ll give you an hour or so before we try again?”

“NOOOO!!! Please!  I can do it!”

Hmmm….well, ok. “Ok, I’ll give you one more chance, but if you can’t do it, you have to drink

another full pitcher of water before you can try again, Ok?”girl-on-toilet-in-dress

She always agrees to this. And she always has to drink another pitcher. Why? Because girls can’t pee when they are really aroused. I have no idea why they are so worried about it, ha ha. It’s like no girls read that section of their owner’s manual. 🙂

Inserting a waterproof vibrator with clit vibe attached is the next stage in this prolonged pee torture. This can go on another 10 to 15 minutes.  Her bladder should be at about 150% capacity now and she’s complaining that it hurts and she really needs to pee…and by now she’s getting the idea that maybe I should stop fucking playing her little pussy so she can pee.  Oh, and it’s always good to stop for short periods to give her a chance to try and pee…just to keep her attention fully focused on that.

“Do you really, really need to pee?” I taunt her.

“oh yes, please!”

“Then I will make you a deal,” I say with a sly grin, “I will let you pee into this pitcher on the condition that you drink it afterwards.”

Her eyes widen with horror. Drink my own pee???

girl-sitting-on-toiletYou would be surprised at the number of girls I’ve convinced to have their first experience drinking their own piss this way. You see…they are desperate at this point and will agree to just about anything.  So they might as well agree to something I think looks really fucking hot.

When she agrees… I allow her to pee into the picture but slowing down how much I play with her…giving her longer and longer breaks between touches until she can finally pee. As soon as she starts I can stop the flow at will by playing with her clit again.  She has no control over it.

Suddenly I change my mind.  “Wait. You can’t pee yet.”  Her eyes widen with shock and pleading! Nooooo! But you SAID!  

Ha ha. “I think you need to cum for me first. I want you to be a good little girl and cum for me. Then I will allow you to pee.”

I using the vibe and my fingers, I push her over the edge and make her cum hard! God, I love seeing girls cum…it’s like my crack pipe always calling to me!

After about 5 seconds of orgasm I stop stimulating her, “Pee for me NOW! Push it out!”

She pushes and struggles…but nothing comes out at all. “PUSH!”


“You keep saying you have to pee to fucking PEE!”

She pushes and pushes, squirms and struggles and… finally the tiniest little flow starts.  I think of this as the plumbing finally switching back…slowly.

The stream starts to gain momentum and goes from a trickle to a thin stream and as soon as it hits a medium stream…I start playing with her again. 🙂

This can have 1 of 2 effects: It can kill the stream again; or she will push through it with fear and desperation that I will not allow her to pee more than a tiny amount.girl-touching-self-on-toilet

Either way, I insert fingers inside her and then order her to pee/keep peeing.  I don’t move my fingers at all…I just like to feel her pussy muscles pushing.

Eventually she pees out enough to relieve her swollen bladder…and fill the pitcher with her clear piss.   This is actually really great for her to drink…for a first experience, it’s totally watered down and barely tastes like anything at all… a wonderful introduction to watersports.

Besides…I’m nowhere near finished with her as the last pitcher is still being processed by her system and now she’s drinking this pitcher of pee…so the games will continue for some time yet.


So considering this is a technique I use for my own twisted satisfaction: I say to any girl worrying, “is it pee?” when she squirts… I say, “Fuck no. It’s not fucking pee.” Girls only think they can pee when close to orgasm…believed me, I’ve asked them. They all think they can pee and are worried about it. Ha ha. Good luck.  The most I’ve seen is a tiny dribble that couldn’t come close to forming a stream…just running a little bit down her butt crack. And that is actively trying to pee– with a massively overfilled bladder.  The odds you peeing accidentally are minuscule. I would bet against it every time. No, if stuff gushes and squirts out while you’re all hot and horny…it’s cum. Congratulations…you are able to female ejaculate.

And no, it’s not pee.

Final thought: this is a great part of BDSM training that gets her way way more interested in urine and watersports as the powerplay combined with intense bodily urges is really intense.


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