Double Stumping

This is a true story. A girl named Courtney came into a Starbucks today and she was, well, a double amputee.

Courtney is a rather cute girl. Thin and trim to be sure, with long, kinda curly dark hair and glasses that make her look smart. She’s 20ish and …she was a double amputee! Both arms: one below and one above the elbow.
And I didn’t get to see her! :'(
No, Ashlie was the one that saw her and talked to her in the Starbucks. She just told me about it afterwards.
She said they only talked briefly and she mentioned something about War Amps events??
But Ashlie didn’t chase her down or get her number or anything…as she’s pretty subbie by nature. If I were there is little chance she would have gotten away. Why?
Because imagine this lovely lass with one stump in Ashlie’s tight, thin, shaved little pussy…and the other stump up her ass. I know Ashlie would squirt like crazy ¬†for her too! Squirting and cumming all over her stumps so her jizz is a waterfall over this double amputee. With her arms being able to freely move and ‘fist’ her rapidly, this sexy girl would be treated to a river of clear female ejaculate. And she keep thrusting her hot, smooth stumps in and out of both of Ashlie’s sex holes as fast as as she can. The below the elbow stump in her pussy so she can bend is a bit at the elbow to make her squirt even harder.
Yes, that’s all I’ve been able to think about all evening.
That…and how the hell do I track her down again? And, to be honest: how do you tie a girl like that up?

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