Female Libido Pt.1: Physical factors

suction clit vibe

Fetish Fantasy Clit Sucker

girl-kissing-boyfriend-neckFemale Libido…it’s a great thing when it’s working. So lets take a look at what makes women WANT to have sex…and what dampens their libido. I will divide this  into a series that will cover physical, chemical enhancers, chemical dampeners, herbal, and mental factors that influence libido.

Physical Enhancers
To physically enhance the experience and pleasure that she feels, you can simply flood her genitals with blood so she’s all horny and engorged. In order to do this: there’s suction vibrators. The only one I know of that has been FDA approved (and you can get a prescription for!) is the Eros.

The Eros is basically a little suction that goes over the clit and sucks on her like, I dunno, a mouth??  Ha ha.  Anyway, you use this to suck on the clit which increases blood-flow significantly (in many ways working just like a penis pump).  And then the device vibrates.

The results? Well, more blood-flow in that area and all of a sudden you’re hornier.  It’s no big surprise. Guys will tell you that with a hard on you are way hornier. So this works for women too. In addition, it makes them wetter and more responsive to physical pleasure.

Now there Eros itself costs $179 and is prescription only but keep in mind that they are getting medical insurance companies to pay for it.

Let’s face it, sucking on a clit isn’t that difficult and probably doesn’t require something studied by doctors in order to work. A much cheaper option is a little $15 clit vibe found here.

suction clit vibe

Fetish Fantasy Clit Sucker













Now the medical community is all excited because they found a little pump that can boost


A well groomed lady using a suction vibe

female sex drive…but they are missing a massively obvious libido booster: Masturbation!  Women who masturbate are hornier. A lot hornier. They are thinking about sex more. They are exercising their girly bits more and practicing cumming.   From a medical journal, “repetitive, high-emotion, high-frequency sexual behavior and self-stimulation may cause changes in neural circuitry that, in turn, may cause perpetuated hypersexuality.”

So yeah, masturbating daily works wonders for female libido and is probably the single most powerful libido booster out there in any form. So if you want to feel hornier…touch yourself more. Doctor’s orders.

Rest up! A good night sleep improves a woman’s energy, mood and sex drive. So get your beauty sleep!

Get groomed.  If you are all nicely shaved, showered and feel comfortable to showing all parts of your body, your are more likely to WANT to show all parts of it. Conversely, if you are self-conscious and feel like a hairy Sasquatch your sex drive will mirror that. So do whatever it is to make you feel groomed and pretty. Paint you nails. Put on lip gloss or wear your favorite perfume.



Being healthy, fit, and well rested goes a long way to boosting sex

The most powerful physical thing you can do to boost libido: exercise! Exercise has a massive impact on you giving you more energy, releasing stress, increasing your vitality and vigor. Mentally, exercise makes you feel better about yourself: more attractive and more appreciative of your body. And exercise increases your blood flow meaning your girly bits get more blood and so it is easier for them to get engorged and wet.  Women who exercise regularly have significantly higher sex drives and also, they report much less PMS and shorter periods.

And finally, lose weight! It’s been found that women with low weights and BMIs have significantly higher libidos. As one evolutionary biologist described it, “Larger women have more resources available to get pregnant and can be impregnated more easily.  Very thin women, in contrast, have a more difficult time getting pregnant so the body compensates by spiking their sex drives to increase their chances of getting pregnant.”  So thin girls are way hornier and much more likely to be sexually active.  And apparently, the thinner, the better.  Now there has been some slightly conflicting info on this where being extremely thin can sometimes cause interruptions to your hormonal system due to lack of resources– and this can occasionally cause a big drop in female libido.  But in generally healthy thin women, it causes a big spike in sex drive.

Physical Dampeners
Any sort of ‘bad pain’ that is unexpected, unwanted and not related to the twisted actions of a Dom is usually a massive buzz kill.

Additionally, there can be problems with her self-lubrication which can result in pain from excess friction and tearing while things are going in there…which can lead to apprehension about the whole experience. So a simple solution to this is a  good lube that let’s her know that won’t happen.  Now every pussy is different with her own likes and dislikes so find a lube that agrees with her.  Personally, I prefer O’My…as it’s the best in every way from being natural to tasting awesome and truly edible.

Other things known to kill libido? Lack of exercise. (See above.)  You feel sedentary and lack energy and this is reflected in you sex drive…so switch it up.

Poor sleep…who feels really sexy when they are exhausted? No one. So rest up.

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