Female Libido Pt.2 Chemicals Enhancers

Girl-with-her-guy-in-bedFemale Libido…it’s a great thing when it’s working. So lets take a look at what makes women WANT to have sex…and what dampens their libido. I will divide this  into a series that covers physical, chemical enhancers, chemical dampeners, herbal, and mental.  This is Part 2: Chemicals Enhancers.

Unfortunately, while we live in a society where we expect our problems to be solved by taking a pill…this isn’t really the case with respect to the female libido.  The physical changes are going to have way more of an impact– especially because they address the underlying problem. And here’s a general disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and if you want to put drugs in your system then you must consult a doctor first. I’m not recommending that you use anything.Ok, ok, onto the chemicals and drugs! First I’ll list the libido enhancers with the best near the bottom. Then I’ll continue with chemical dampeners.




First up is pharmaceuticals.  Specifically, Viagra (sildenafil).  Yes, the exact same Viagra that men


take. Shockingly, the genitals of both sexes respond well to this drug.  ”Seventy-two percent of the women on Viagra vs. 27% of the women on placebo got to ‘much improved’ or ‘very much improved’ on a scale [of sexual functioning],” says Harry A. Croft, MD.  Harry is the medical director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center in Texas and a co-author on a study where women were given does of Viagra and the results quantified.   But interestingly, while it enhanced female pleasure…it didn’t do much for upping their desire and will to have sex. But it had a big impact on increasing the frequency and intensity of orgasm. So..yeah, there’s that.

“I actually prescribe a lot of Viagra for women,” says, Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego and editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.  The effect is mostly due to causing the clit to swell up and be all good to go.

Next up, Flibanserin which is a drug to increase female libido.  The catch? It doesn’t seem to work. The other catch? You can’t say it’s fucking name. So I can’t see this drug going mainstream. If you want to read a boring-ass study on how it was proven to suck…knock yourself out. (ok, ok, it’s only a summary…if you want to read more after that you truly are a masochist.)

How about something that works? Intrinsa! What is it? Basically, it is a clear testosterone patch that is worn just below the naval.  It releases 300 µg of testosterone every 24hrs — which is way less than testosterone treatments for men.  Many women think of testosterone as a ‘male hormone’ but it is actually produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women.  Intrinsa is made by Proctor and Gamble and has some pretty good results:  over a 6 month study, ‘satisfying sexual activity’ increased by 73% in the users. Why? Because testosterone makes you want to have sex and will even encourage you to take action to make that happen.  The catch?  It’s not legally approved in the US but you can get it by prescription in Canada and Australia.

Then there is Libigel.  Personally, I like the name. It’s another testosterone product, this time a gel that you spread on your arm.  Basically, it works the same way as Intrinsa.  The initial version of this had a massive 230% improvement in the frequency and pleasure of sexual encounters. Which is massive.  But in the 4th quarter of 2011 it was announced that it failed the Phase III trials — which is bad as I believe Phase III drug tests are the major safety test. So if it say, causes breast cancer or heart attacks…it fails this phase.  So they dropped the dosage and resubmitted it to clinical trials…but as far as I know it’s not out of the woods yet.

But let’s talk about other potential side effects of testosterone, shall we? Too much testosterone in women could have masculinizing effects: deeper voice, more hair, more acne, decreased breast size (yay!), and making your junk get bigger. Yes…megavag! It can also mess with your monthly cycle.

Why not use estrogen? Well, Estratest does! But in combination with testosterone. Estrogen by itself apparently doesn’t have much effect on sex drive.  Estratest was developed for women with their ovaries removed…and it boosted their sex drive (providing hormones formerly provided by ovaries.)  It’s now prescribed by some doctors to boost libido. Like all estrogens, the hormone may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and blood clots in the lungs or legs.

Meth. Yeah, it’s time to mix it up a bit. Time to go illegal, Breaking Bad style. Meth is reportedly a massive libido booster for women and men. It makes you horny as fuck and want to fuck for hours and all night long. The main drawback is…it’s meth! It can turn you into a hallucinating, bat-shit-crazy, drug addicted loser if you are lucky.  Meth can fuck you up in a hurry. There’s a ton of before and after 6 months on meth photos online…and it’s scary.

Just say no to meth.

Other popular illegal drugs for libido? Ecstasy! Ecstasy is a possible libido enhancer because it lowers inhibitions and makes everything feel really really freakin’ good.  While it most definitely is a great drug to encourage making out and cuddling, I wouldn’t say it is the best sex drug because of performance issues.  Everything feels good and sex seems like soooo much effort! Additionally, it messes with guys ability to both get hard and to cum. But the aftereffects are big downer for me: it causes depression and life loses it’s zip…so it’s not great for a long term solution to boosting libido. party-girls

Next up, Lybrido by Pfizer (makers of Viagra).  Lybrido is a combination drug that uses some testosterone, Viagra and

buspirone.  The first two are mentioned above and the the third, buspirone is an antianxiety drug that drops your serotonin levels briefly and makes you far less stressed or ‘inhibited’.   This combo approach appeals to me because the brain is a big big factor in this equation. So this three pronged approach seems to have hit a home run with users and it looks like it will be available on the market in early 2016.

Another drug in the pipeline is Bremelotide, which is a nasal spray that works on parts of the brain linked to sexual stimulation. So you squirt it up your nose and your brain suddenly finds it way easier to get aroused  I like this approach and it seems the most viable of the pharmaceuticals to my taste. Because it effect the brain, the brain starts sending out the right signals to help the body prep for sex.

ArginMax has also been clinically studied even though it is a mix of herbs.  It appears to have had a massive effect on both the women’s libido and in the amount of satisfaction they get out of sex. I’ve read way too many reviews on various websites as a result of this article: generally, these pills seem to be quite popular.  Along with GoldMax which also uses ginseng as it’s major ingredient (a potent libido booster known to Chinese tradition medicine for, like, forever.)

My favorite review for GoldMax as follows was written by Chloe Cross of Vice Magazine:


Look, not to freak you out or anything, but Gold MAX is fucking intense. I took two capsules before dinner, and without warning my body suddenly screamed YES, and the River Nile was unleashed in my panties. Thanks to GM I had sex for the first time in two months. YAY! My prey described me as being “wetter than an otter’s pocket”, which I’m fully taking as a compliment.
Afterwards, he fell asleep and left me writhing around all night trying to “accidentally” wake him by grinding up against him (quite aggressively). It says on the packet that Gold MAX is a Chinese herbal remedy and as such has “no unpleasant side effects”, but I got the feeling that if I took it more often it might turn me into a rapist. Which is about as unpleasant a side effect as I can imagine.

Rating: 8.5/10 (-1.5 points for the rapey bit)

That’s it for chemical enhancers. The next part will be on chemical libido dampeners.


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