How to Sleep with Attractive People

Step one: Don’t have getting attractive people in bed any sort of goal.

I know, I know, isn’t that the goal here? It’s a catch 22? But the problem is that your maneuvers are going to seem obvious to them…and repel them like bad body odour.  They will sense your ‘hidden agenda’ in every action and gesture.

Consider that very attractive people get approached all the damn time…so they likely have social experience which vastly exceeds your own.  And things that seem subtle to you are like a hammer to them.

Of course, if you’re super hot too…they may go, well, that was obvious but I’ll give it a whirl anyway. But most people don’t have bodies like Brad Pitt and will have to resort to other strategies.

How about friendship? I know, you’re gonna spaz about the ‘friendzone’ but
I’m really arguing for making a real and true connection with the person. Find something that you honestly love to share and talk about together. Make it so you genuinely get along and the conversation seems effortless. Yes, I do have a preference for bedding people I actually like….so maybe I’m asking too much…but I highly recommend it.

And *after* you’ve developed a real connection, turn and face them and let them know that because of your appreciation of them as a real person…you’re suddenly finding them attractive.

But it’s no ultimatum. You’re digging them so you can still be friends. But you could be more…y’know…I think it’d be fun 😉  But don’t wait till you’ve know her 6 weeks and then suddenly go from 0 to 100 on her being super intense. That’s a fail stratagem.

If they turn down your offer? No problem, you’re friends with a great person. And this wonderful and attractive person can be the best wing-woman ever and likely has lots of hot friends that she can vouch for you with and set you up.

But the key thing here is you can often get lots of sex because you don’t really care all that much about the sex thing and so you’re relaxed and chill. Of course not wanting sex doesn’t mean you shun the topic. Feel free to reveal that you are a sexual being…in fact this helps.  Just don’t do it from the perspective of, “I’ve just revealed that I love dirty smelly feet to you and I’m expecting  you to reciprocate.” Trust me, that ain’t gonna work.  And dirty feet? Gross! lol.  Feel her out a bit first before you whip out the odd fetishes. See just how kinky your little minx is.  If she a prude…maybe you should friendzone her and poach her friends 😉

And don’t confuse being attracted to someone’s body with being attracted

to the person.  Lots of ‘hot’ girls are dumb. Or annoying and petty. I would much prefer a geeky girl with a ton of character to one of these.

Of course, there is the risk of being treated like a  doormat that does the bidding of the more attractive person and buys her stuff while she scopes the scene for a hot guy. Remember that the friendship thing has to be equal if you stand any chance with her. Re-evaluate the friendship if this starts happening and ditch it if need be.

Yeah, that’s about all.  If you are the guy that’s having the most fun with a person or in a group of people…girls will notice. And sleep with you. So it’s about having fun and building connections….being free and spontaneous and waiting for that spontaneous moment when if feels right to kiss her.

Step two: Re-read step one and try in on some other attractive girl if it doesn’t work the first time.

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