Hypnosis Overview

hypnotist-funnyHypnosis is one of the most powerful tools in my chest. Why? Because it can control her mind and her thoughts. Mindfucking is always the best. Hell, the mind is the biggest erogenous zone by far. Control that she’s perma-wet. Or at least moist ?

Goddamn…I have so much to say on this it’s hard to even begin: but there’s no way in hell this will be a single post. It will be a series.

For me, using hypnosis seems natural for slave training. The mind and body are intricately interlinked and you can directly effect how your slave views the world. Hypnosis also allows for direct suggestions to be made to the slave that can dramatically improve her life, help her quit smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety, relieve pain, reduce headaches and stop procrastinating…for starters. Of course, you could also use it to make her more sensitive, erotic and boldly sexual ? There is also the possibility of placing post-hypnotic suggestion in her mind that will act as triggers down the road. Basically…this is a way to access her mainframe and rewrite her programming.

Hint: how does she count?

Now because you can do this doesn’t mean you should. A Master must respect this tool and always keep the well being of his slave first and foremost in his thoughts. I learned hypnosis mostly from a licensed hypnotherapist and there was tons of discussion on the ethics involved. So I will pass some of that onto you as well.

Now hypnotizing someone is both an art and a science. Hypnotizing your slave is art, science, chemistry, and dancing. If she is willing to trust you completely…to give her mind over to you completely…there is potential to put her so deep into hypnotic states that a therapist rarely achieves. If you are lucky and blessed enough to have a wonderful and truly submissive (like <3 Ashlie <3 ) then you can touch her very soul.

So if you don’t truly love and want to keep your slave for a long long time…don’t fuck with her and don’t use hypnosis.

As a Master, you must take care and be super mindful of everything you say while she is hypnotized as you have an opportunity to remove her bad habits and encourage her at a fundamental level — and as I said before, this is the most effective training tool.

I think this post will be a simple overview of what hypnosis is without getting too deep into techniques, ethics and such. But the main idea is: you can use hypnosis to help your slave see and envision herself in the life that she deeply desires to live. You can improve her behaviors, self-image and thoughts so she is much more satisfied with life. And you can use hypnosis to take the place of actual training where it will have the effect of the most successful training session. She can visualize herself ‘as if’ she’s been fully trained and how that will make her feel: creating a desire to be fully trained.

A master can also use regression type therapy to get a handle on her various actions and even hermind-fuck sexuality and learn exactly what makes her tick. And those parts that lead to a poor self-image? Nuke them at their core.

Of course, hypnosis is no replacement for actual training…as why the fuck would I ever give that up?? Absolutely not. Real life training is essential. But if you hit stumbling blocks, resistance or want to take things to the next level, hypnosis is the way to go.
Now let’s cover exactly what hypnosis is and isn’t:

1. Hypnosis is NOT mind control.

Hypnosis is the giving over of one’s mind and allowing the hypnotist to direct your thoughts for you. But if the hypnotist tells you to go kill your brother — it will immediately snap you out of the trance and you will resist the suggestion entirely. Why? Because you don’t fucking want to kill your brother! Nothing is going to change that. You can only change that which the slave desires to change.
You have to work with your slave and get her on board with any suggestion…or you will fail to put her under or keep her there.

2. Hypnosis is simply guiding the internal voice inside someone’s head. So you can only work within the confines of what they are willing to accept. Cross the line and you will pop her out of it. So being a skilled hypnotist involves developing trust with your slave — and testing her, coaching her, questioning her and carefully feeling her out before moving to give a suggestion that could potentially pull her out of it. But if you succeed…you can bring her deeper down into even more suggestible states.

3. It has been argued that all hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis and even that we are all hypnotized all through our lives from the age of about 3 or so when we start to believe all the things everyone tells us about the world.

4. Being hypnotized doesn’t feel any different. Hell, I’ve had people so deep that they could not feel any pain whatsoever nor even register that I was hurting them…and yet they claimed they ‘felt normal’ the entire time. So don’t bother analyzing the state and trying to figure out if you have been hypnotized or not — and don’t waste distracted thoughts on things like, “Do I feel different now?”

5. You cannot force it on someone. In fact, trying to force it will practically guarantee you bring them out of the state or at least up to a higher level. It can only be done effectively with trust. The more the better. She must be willing to cooperate with you.

6. Hypnosis is a way to talk to the subconscious mind. You can bypass the filters and critical thinking that is normally overlaid on your actual thoughts….and so hypnosis is really useful to have a deep conversation with the real and true slave– not the girl that she is projecting out to the world.


7. Hypnosis makes it far easier to accept suggestions. You are talking to the subconscious mind. Get it on board and then say, ‘hey, wouldn’t to be better if…” and she agrees, she’s in. She adopts the suggestion at a much deeper level and is way more likely to follow through with it…and remember it even when she doesn’t consciously think about it. Basically, the subconscious mind is lazy and will just accept change without wanting to work for it ?

8. The rational mind (aka normal waking consciousness) spends all kinds of time thinking about right and wrong, different paths to take and problem-solving. It is very flexible…but it has no clear idea of what you want or why.

9. The subconscious mind just is…it’s the part of you that makes you YOU. If you want to feel love and pleasure all day long….it will guide you towards that unceasingly and provide every opportunity to make that happen. It is also made for visualizing and envisioning the future…it’s the part that shapes your true desires. Oh, and it’s also the source of all your emotions too. There’s that. All your habits, core beliefs and deepest memories are stored here.

10. Your inner thinking and lifestyle are governed by the subconscious mind. So you don’t need willpower –you need to get the subconscious mind on board so that it wants the change…and the rest is easy. Help her mind to imagine a reality that she deeply desires…and you practically done.

So this is the beginning of my overview of hypnosis. I’ll talk more on how and why it works, give tips and specifically how to use it in slave training.

[To Be Continued]

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