Muscular suggestion with Hypnosis

One of the key advantages a Master has in using hypnosis is he is free to position the slave as he chooses and he can direct her feeling and body with things like electrowands, floggers and nipple clamps…which, when used correctly, can be extremely effective.

Body positions are closely related to emotions and simply putting yourself into a ‘wonderwoman’ stance for a minute or so is enough to change your brain chemistry and make you more confident. This is exactly why I use certain postures and have trained the kittens to hold them when waiting or being inspected.

And the opposite is true as well. Hang your head and slouch and soon you will be in a far more mopey mood.  So it’s essential to straighten your back, keep your chin up, brighten your eyes and smile for fucks sakes! All of these things will make you happier, healthier and enjoy your life more.

There is a close link between emotions and physical behaviors. girl-kneeling-on-ground-prayingCarl G. Lange of Denmark was one of the first to document this thoroughly but the recent advances of the past few years have made it undeniable. It changes your heart rate and rhythm, your breathing, your hormones, eliminates stress hormones from the blood…on and on.

And this most definitely applies to slaves and hypnosis.  Once you have induced your slave, change her position.  Get her on her knees and clasp her hands together like a devoutly praying saint…and have her thoughts directed so she is subconsciously praying to you.

Or have her prostrate herself to you as she tells you all the reasons why she needs you as her Master. Any position commonly found in worship is ideal: kneeling, bowing, laying prostrate…anything that subconsciously sets her mood. Adjust her position and be mindful of it as you progress through the hypnosis session.

group-of-girls-worshippingThis goes also for her facial expression. Under hypnosis, it is very easy to manipulate a slave’s facial expression and you can even do so quite directly.  And these facial expressions will evoke stronger emotions within her while hypnotized than they do in the waking state — yet even in the waking state they can result in powerful physiological changes.

I will give a very specific example so you can understand the skinny-female-highjumpertechnique.  If you are wanting to her imagine something that please her greatly — say her imagining herself with a lower body weight and being more fit and attractive…you can suggest that she stand like an athelete crossing the finish line first with her arms in a V over her head in victory! As she walks over to the podium to get he medal have her wave to her adoring fans in the crowd with both hands over her head as the champ. Then have her smile as she ‘directs her attention down to her body and feels’ her fit and strong core.  As she’s beaming away with pride…ask her how she feels with her new slim and strong body. Have her desire it greatly and associate these positive emotions and confidence with a thin and fit state that she now greatly desires — and you’ve effectively primed her subconscious to want this and move towards it.female-high-jump-skinny-athelete

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