On Female Body Fluids

Let’s  talk about female body fluids! Of course, I will discuss my favorite produced during female ejaculation..but there are many others as well.  Our society seems to have a great disdain for any female fluid and there is a definite amount of pressure on women not to do such things as sweating. Worse, menstruation is not supposed to exist and boys tend to freak out at just it’s mention. In other societies, menstruating women were cast out of the community during this time or were blamed for crop failure, poor hunts or dying cattle. And personally, I don’t see how that’s going to help women embrace their wonderful fluids which are super sexy…literally. I mean, come on! Would you rather be with a self-lubricating babe or have to be constantly reaching for an expensive bottle of astroglide?

Women were once told not to do sports so they wouldn’t sweat and be unattractive.  Then antiperspirants got in the game and took things up 10 notches with just plain mean advertising.  Before 1912 there just plain wasn’t antiperspirant and people simply accepted the fact that we sweat. Why? Because people sweat!  Sweat serves a natural function to regulate body temperature and at the same time you release pheromones which attract the opposite sex. For women, it’s like their most powerful way to advertise that they are ovulating and very fuckable.  So in stark contrast to the ads…sweat can make you way more popular with the boys.  Of course, sweaty men are seen as virile, right? Is it because they produce sperm and that fluid is a-ok!?  Well, the media seems to think sweaty men good…sweaty women bad.

Then tampons and ‘sanitary napkins’ got in the game with a whole slew of marketing campaigns
about being discreet and not being stinky!  The natural progression was the douche. And of course, women are stinkier and need much stronger stuff than men. So hell, why not use Lysol down there? That sounds like a really really good idea! You know what I wish my girls tasted like? Not pussy…that’s gross! Give me a nice mouthful of Lysol any day! YUM!

In porn, men soak girls in their paltry amount of fluids all the time. Porn has basically standardized the facial…as well as cumming all over her tits, stomach, ass…you get the picture.  So why is it there isn’t more porn with women giving facial? Seems way more awesome to me. Women make far more fluid so it’s much more cinematic. But it took till 2008 to get female ejaculation off the banned porn list in England. Yes, a female squirting was up there with a girl fucking a horse. That’s a massive stigma. No wonder women are concerned with producing ‘too much lube.” Of course, you can NEVER have too much lube. Ever. (That’s the 1st rule of anal sex too 😉  )  So god forbid you squirt! That’s even worse than too much.  ha ha.

Some women are so self-conscious about squirting that they feel stress about sex and prefer to avoid it rather than be ‘incontinent’ and unsexy in front of their beloved.  What if she has sweat sex while menstruating and ejaculates? Good lord…the man would leave her for sure! Either that…or he’d grow a pair, accept female fluids as a wonderful part of being with a woman and feel confident in the fact that if they weren’t there…there probably was something really wrong with her.

So ladies, I’m giving your squirting, sweating and bleeding the thumbs up! Yay for you for being healthy.  And if you experience more intense squirting orgasms…fuck the risk of your partner having a ‘bad reaction’ and go for it. Hedonism babe…it’s always the way to go.

Now the origins for the motivation behind this post? Researching female ejaculation and so much damn research seems focused on ‘is it normal’ and ‘is it pee’.  Both of which seem deeply entrenched in the societal grip of female bodily fluids being taboo.  And it is time to grow up and embrace the realities of the world.

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