The Divine Nectar

I found out about a film that I thought I’d share and ask…has anyone actually seen it? Is it as bad as the trailer makes it look?

The film is called The Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation.  This being a favorite topic of mine, I am extremely interested in it and rushed off to find the trailer. Well…this is what I saw:

Now maybe it’s that I used to work in film (I’ve won awards for editing, writing and have even produced films that were shown at major film festivals and even longlisted for the Oscars) but I don’t think that’s it… I think this trailer hits on SOOOO MANY terrible visual buzzwords that my flake alert was buzzing off the hook.

Consider that this is one of my most favorite topics ever. I also practice and enjoy tantric sex –because damn, who doesn’t enjoy cumming for 15+ minutes straight? And I am pretty familiar with shamanism too.   So wtf is it about this trailer that sets me off so much?

It looks sooo freakin’ terrible that I want to watch it just for the train wreck factor.  Yet…maybe the editor for the trailer just sucked balls and it’s descent?  (Generally, I would say that’s not usually how projects work but then again, maybe they got an asshat of a trailer editor and the actual film is watchable.)

So, is this an informative film on female ejaculation and how to make girls squirt?  From the trailer, I would be shocked if it didn’t focus on tantric practices…which could also be kinda cool. Does it focus on drinking it? What exactly does it cover? So I definitely wanna see it.

But my question is…will this be 2 hours I will never get back? Or will it provide insight or at least be a valuable learning video to which I can refer others.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Here’s another trailer for it…less censored and definitely not YouTube friendly because there’s squirts and tits and stuff

And if you didn’t know of the pirate bay, you can purchase a DVD (I know, you thought you go rent the vhs tape from the video rental store!) which is available here.

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