The Female Prostate

Continuing my series on female ejaculation or squirting (search PC muscle or ejaculate on this site in the upper left search box), I thought I’d focus on the source of the wondrous event of squirting.

Now I personally believe that all woman can ejaculate…simply because 100% of the women I have been with for any length of time have squirted. I think it’s simply a matter of practice and proper stimulation. ¬†That said, I don’t want any girls to feel stressed about it if they haven’t squirted. If you can’t orgasm, that’s an entirely other matter…but not squirting..meh, give it time ūüėČ

So let’s take a closer look at the female prostate– the source of squirting — and let’s start at the very beginning. ¬†In the womb, during fetal development, all fetuses start off as females therefore all must have structures that can turn into either male or female sexual organs. ¬†When the y-chromosomes kick in, one structure develops into a large prostate gland on males. ¬†But if you’re a girl…it develops into a structure that is actually a big group of individual glands and ducts that surround the urethra and also have a group of tiny passageways into the vagina. ¬†These have also been labelled by some as paraurethral or Skene’s glands.

These glands on both males and females produce prostatic fluid…and both males and female report significant pleasure resulting from stimulation of this gland –which causes both to release some prostatic fluid into the urethra.

The average size of the Skene’s glands are 3.3cm long, 1.9 cm wide and 1 cm tall — or for those wanting antiquated and obsolete imperial measurements…it’s about the size of a small woman’s thumb.



Note: this is not normally visible from the outside
but she’s pushing out so she’s holding herself open
so the gland ridges are visible.

Now it surrounds the urethra (the hole you pee out of) and is just beneath the surface of the skin and it also protrudes down into the top wall of the vagina. Hypotheses: some women have told me they feel like peeing when they are nearing orgasm…perhaps this is directly related to this gland completely surrounding the urethra? ¬†If you insert your finger inside her vagina and curve it upwards you can easily feel the roughened bumps of the skin that is displaced by some of these glands.

Now what does the female prostate produce? It certainly doesn’t produce all of the ejaculate found in female ejaculate. ¬† But into the cum that she squirts out, these glands insert some PSA (prostate specific antigen), PAP (prostate acid phosphatase) and some fructose aka fruit sugars. ¬†Yes…she makes herself sweet and fruity for you! And what else does the female prostate release? Serotonin! Directly into your bloodstream. You’re welcome!

Now what could be the purpose of this PSA being released into the ejaculate? Medially, it’s actually a fucking mystery. Damn doctors have their heads up their asses so I’ll have to explain (just like I explained the reason for women ejaculating the first place) as this makes sense: ¬†PSA is also found in semen and it’s purpose is to dissolve vaginal mucus which can trap sperm. ¬†Additionally, it causes the semen to get thinner so it can travel easily deep up into the vagina and beyond!! ¬†Yup, same purpose as the males…because…well…same purpose. Remember, the point of sex is to get pregnant. (I know, I know, I keep forgetting that too!)

As for the PAP that is added to the ejaculate? I challenge you to find any mention of it that refers to healthy function in men…it seems the medical community is convinced this is a unhealthy sign of cancer in men — and is ignoring the fact that women produce it too altogether.

What is in Female Ejaculate?
The truth is…it’s a mix of heaven and shear bliss. Specifically, it has some PSA, PAP, urea and creatinine in it. Both urea and creatinine are found in urine but in considerable higher concentrations. Female ejaculate is much more dilute than urine and also contains PSA and PAP which are signature chemicals high concentrations in the ejaculate only. ¬†Female ejaculate tends to be clear, slightly sweet, odorless and non-staining. It’s a miracle fluid that should be sprayed everywhere.

Are you sure it’s not urine?? YES!! ¬†It has 600 times more PSA than urine, 8X more PAP, 4X more glucose, 50X more fructose, 8X LESS Creatinine, 1500X less urea, and 5X less salt. It’s a completely different formula. We’re not talking about small percentage differences here…keep in mind that a 1X difference equals 100% ¬†…so you could say it has 60 000% percent more PSA but I find that really hard to picture.

So, yes, the source of the liquid probably is the bladder initially…but it’s basically taking the water out of it and creating ejaculate using the available water in the urine…while keeping most of the pee in a much more concentrated form. ¬†However, it’s also appears the glands are pulling liquid out of the bloodstream too…the whole process is not well understood at the moment –especially on how it can process so much fluid so quickly.


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