Why it’s awesome to have a sexpet

First off, the definition of a sexpet. A sexpet is a 24/7 sex slave who has signed a contract and collared by you. She’s your property and responsibility.

Now it can be a lot of work to take proper care of a sexpet and making sure her mind is in the right headspace the whole time…while you plot out the various ways to torture and abuse her.

But this hard work is more than compensated by the rewards.

Why it’s awesome to have a sexpet:


  • I can fuck her the way I want and so I love it
  • seeing the devotion in her eyes as I attach a leash to her collar
  • knowing she will follow the leash to the best of her ability
  • I can punish her as hard as I like — but it’s sexy-girl-dressed-as-a-catmore fun teaching her a lesson at the same time
  • Because I know her so well…I know exactly where her limits are and can gently push them
  • knowing that if she’s distraught or confounded, I can just take fucking control and sort her shit out
  • knowing that she’ll be loyal to me no matter what situation I put her in: so it’s my duty to defend her and keep her safe
  • when you go out with a sexpet on your arm, the other girls notice and want some too
  • having her give me presents, little gifts and snacks when she wasn’t ordered because…well, every day is like Christmas with sexpet around
  • because the longer you know her…the better you can mindfuck her
  • because having live in eye candy dressed for sex is the best art I could wish for in my home
Now, these apply just to Ashlie (my sexpet) and not my others…are they are sex kittens but there’s only one sexpet as she’s earned the title <3
  • because she’s fucking hilarious
  • she will find the hottest girls that suit my taste and just drool over them she’s so distracted by their hottness
  • because she a most careful listener who takes my orders and preferences to heart and remembers them better than I do
  • because she has never, ever once refused sex or even acted anything but enthusiastic at the prospect of being fucked.
  • because she’s so natural and comfortable during threesomes she just makes everything seem chill and fun
  • because she’s wonderfully brilliant. I have never, ever had anyone consider my sexpet dumb…or even possessing average intelligence. No, she’s got a witty, rapid-fire brain that makes me want to eat it. (Don’t worry, I will take the health risks into account and satiate myself by eating another part of you in place of your brain.)

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