Female use of Pornography

girl-with-dicksIn the past decade, we have taken on one of the greatest experiments on human sexuality ever.  The use of pornography this last decade has gone through the roof. This is having profound effects on the development of human brains as well as redefining modes of sexual interaction. Male use of pornography is not only at an all-time high — it’s basically at 100%.  This kind of usage will have profound impacts: we just don’t know what they are yet! But now female use of pornography is rising at astounding rates and completely redefining thoughts on female sexuality.

Porn has fully infiltrated not only the Western world but the entire globe. More than that, porn is being used extensively by males from age 12 and up — so much so that their complete relationship with sexuality and the neuropathways in their brains is being wired for porn — and not for having sex with actual people. (Here’s a documentary on Porn and the effect on the brain.)

The brain is extremely flexible and forms new pathways based on the stimulus provided.  I look at it like a rain falling on a plain.  At first, the plain is completely flat and the waterfalls everywhere evenly.  Then the water starts to collect at the lowest points and form puddles and then tiny little streams.  As more and more waterfalls, those tiny streams grow into creeks and then rivers.  If you use a neuropathway enough, it forms a deep and strong raging river that is very difficult to change its course.   Of course, if you start using new pathways while stopping the use of others…it will slowly start the formation of a new river while diverting or drying up a currently flowing river.

This relates to porn because boys are starting from a very early age to form a strong connection with porn — often cumming several times a day to it — while the attention spent on actual female interaction and fucking is absolutely minimal.   The result? There is a pandemic of erectile dysfunction amongst younger men. Why? Because women are not the trigger for erections anymore…porn is.

And with young men whose entire sexuality and sex pathways in the brain are porn-formed…thereoral-sex-shaved-pussy
just plain isn’t an established pathway for women.

Which is…great news for me. It means the boys out there have no idea nor drive to sleep with the pretty young things — and so I go into a bar and see something I really want…there’s much less likelihood of a young fit and aggressive male getting in my way.  Not that that doesn’t happen — and I am skilled at keeping her attention while dealing with the intruder…but what I am getting out of this is: the younger man’s desire is a lackluster and that makes pummeling him into the ground that much easier.

But how predominant is the use of porn? Well, Universities studying it can’t find any males to study that don’t regularly use porn. None.  The percentage of the population that uses porn is pretty much 100%.  In other words, the nation is completely pornified.

This complete rewiring of male sexuality is getting intense academic interest as — wow— human sexuality is being massively influenced by this. Massive.

But what about women?

The old school way of thinking was, “Males are visual creatures and respond more to visual stimulation and hence are way more likely to use porn.”  The way of viewing female sexuality was, “Women are far more emotionally based and respond more to things like written erotica and romance novels than visuals like porn.”

collared-slave-sexWell, apparently that ain’t so. In 2004, Northwestern University studied porn effects on the genitals on both men and women. They both had a nearly identical response.  In fact, the most recent evidence seems to point to women being much more highly attuned to visual stimuli than men.  With MRIs, women react far more strongly and intensely to brief exposure to visuals of things like a penis or a 6-pack.  But the reaction is so attuned and intense that they only require a very brief exposure to get the same result that a male gets from staring at an image for 10 seconds or so.

So do women need and use less porn? Hell no.  Apparently,naked-girl-watching-porn the massive stigma against using porn is pretty much a non-issue when girls are alone with their laptops. And so — they use porn. A LOT.  Recent evidence is pointing to women starting to use porn much more intensely than men.  It is common for women to use porn more than 20 times a day.  This makes sense as men cum and after they ejaculate…they are pretty much done: naptime.  For women…they are not, “spent” in the same sort of way. And so they can keep going or can have as many quickies as they desire. So a common practice for women is to use porn for 2-3 minutes, cum, and then do something else for a bit..then come back to it. Many times a day.

Way back in 2007, Nielson NetRatings noticed a huge surge in female visitors to porn sites with 1 in 3 visitors to porn sites being female.  And that number has been steadily rising over the past six years. Women represent 56% of the customers at Hustler’s video stores. Glamour magazine found 87% of women 25-39 “enjoy porn as part of their healthy sex lives.” According to Steve Hirsh (CEO of Vivid Entertainment), “40% of porn consumers are female — but keep in mind that a good number of women watch with their boyfriends and husbands and we can’t see those.”

So women are using porn and cumming to it


She is over 18.

apparently as much or more than men– but this is a new phenomenon and much more common amongst younger women who also have grown up and been sexualized by porn.  Keep in mind that women are now starting to use porn from a young age. Very young.  It’s not uncommon for girls around the age of 9 to be viewing porn. This results in a tremendous shift in how girls are viewing sexuality and learning about it.  Keep in mind 87% of 25-39 year olds are now using porn…the rate for younger women who grew up in internet age will definitely be higher.

There is even recent evidence that women are more prone to porn addiction than men and that they use and enjoy it more than men do.  Which is completely in the face of cultural expectations.  One funny example is a female accountant at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) who, according to Forbes,  during the financial crisis accessed porn from her laptop 1800 times in 2 weeks.  So the lesson there is, if you’re in the middle of media-shit-storm-event… probably don’t access that much porn at work!  Yes, that was at work.  I bet she couldn’t wait to get home and freely surf.

But women’s use of porn has a few key differences:

  • women use porn for more frequently but for less time per session than men
  • women tend to use porn for more overall time than men
  • women’s preferred use of porn is watching it with a partner during sex
  • women have the opposite of erectile of dysfunction that men get: they get hornier (which is a sad state of affairs…make women totally horny in a word of eunuchs)
  • interestingly, while scientists can study female sexual response to images, often the stated and outward effect on the female in neutral while the measured response is greater than on males. Some have suggested that many women don’t know it’s turning them on
  • women are so stimulated by porn that they see tune their attention into it only in bursts while the rest is an internal experience

This last point is worth explaining.  A woman is exposed to a porn image and bam! It lights up all sorts over the sexual areas of the brain.  Being fully lit up and stimulated, she can’t register any more and so her visual cortex actually shuts off a little to prevent overload. When the stimulation starts to fade, she allows another portion of an image through and it fully lights up her brain again.

doggy-style-sexThis suggests that women are much much sensitive to pornographic material and biologically primed for it. Additionally, the use of porn doesn’t seem to kill the desire to have actual sex as it does in men — in fact it boosts it. So it’s currently being argued that porn is bad for men and good for women.  How interesting is that?

Also, in recent years, the number of women seeking help for porn addition has gone from nothing to a small trickle to exponential growth. Some women are finding it hard to get anything done because they would much rather sit and use porn all day long.  So the #1 complaint is they just want to masturbate and use porn all the time and are finding it difficult to do anything else.

Other interesting side effects of extensive porn use on women include:

  • more likely to wear revealing clothing
  • more open to group sex
  • more open to bisexuality and lesbian relationships
  • women tend to respond to a wider range of porn (gay men, straight, bi, lesbian) where men tend to get off only on porn that matches their specific orientation
  • females tend to look at females because she wants to be her and she imagines herself as that very desirable female
  • less guilt about random sexual encounters
  • female porn use tends to increase, sometimes very dramatically, over time
  • females who use porn are way more likely to engage in blowjobs, anal sex, golden showers and other forms of sex practices that were uncommon just 25 years ago.

So, is female use of porn a bad thing? I don’t think so. It makes girls hornier, open to more types of sex and has them wearing more revealing clothing. It also reduces their guilt from having sex and generally tends to make them more sexual creatures.  So…yay porn!

But why is it so under the radar that women are girl-watching-pornbecoming major users of porn?  Because for generations women have been told that porn is evil. Porn supposedly objectifies women. Porn exploits women. Porn degrades women. So a girl that actually likes porn must have something really wrong with her and is betraying her gender.   Well, what about gay male porn? Does that degrade women? What about a woman that gets off watching gay porn? Or how about lesbian porn made by women? The answer, clearly, is no. Sure some porn degrades and abuses women. But that is because the filter of the porn creator shapes the entire project. But it isn’t the porn that is responsible, it’s the director, cast and crew.   Such sweeping statements don’t hold true and lead to women feeling stigmatized, alone and guilty over their porn use when, in reality, they are doing what all the other girls are doing too. They just aren’t talking about it — much. Over 70% of females admit that they keep their porn use completely secret.  Some girls are talking about it though.


porn-watching-girlA few years ago I had a chat with a younger female friend who was distressed because her mother found her porn collection on her computer.  She knew I was pretty much nonjudgmental and she could talk to me about it.  She was 18 at the time and she’d been using porn regularly since she was 13 and really enjoyed it. But now her Mom was up in arms about her exploiting women and how wrong the whole thing was.  As I listened, I could tell she really wanted me to support her so I said, “Yeah, well, your Mom doesn’t know shit. She’s been programmed to react that way.  But how do you feel about it? Do you like?” Because if you enjoy it, that’s all that really matters.

The fact that there is a bunch of porn out there that’s made for women seems a little off to me too.
You see, I have this crazy idea that porn is porn.  Sure, you can have terrible porn plots and acting…but it’s not like girls are like, “that was awful” and guys are like, “OMG so hot.”  No, I’ve seen some incredibly hot stories where there is a play and a dance between the characters — with the flirting, the chase and the pursuit culminating in a sudden boiling over of sexual energy which seemed real and like hot experiences I’ve had in real life. I shared that with people and guess what? Everyone was like, “Goddamn that was hot!”  Still, there is something pretty amusing about “How I Banged your Mother 6.”

Saying that there is porn just for women is like saying, “This is girl-fucked-while-making-eyecontactwhat women should like.” Well fuck that.  Think for your goddamn self. It’s your sexuality…get off on what you like. I certainly don’t like every kind of ‘guy’ porn out there. Fake boobs under collagen injected lips on unstable looking girls…for some reason has no effect on me. But no one likes the bad plot combined with bad acting. Saying this is ‘for women’ is counter-intuitive as both men and women tend to be present during the sex acts so…yeah…there should be a ton of common ground here.

And now, the final key difference between men and women: women don’t pay for porn! That’s right. Only approximately 2% of CCBill (the online porn payment provider of choice) clients have a female name when purchasing porn. Why? Because on this, women are definitely smarter. Porn is abundant and free on the net. So women use lots of porn…but don’t expect them to pay for it.


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