Mastering Power

master-with-kneeling-slaveThe source of a Master’s power comes from many forms…but the most important form is being awesome. But there are several key areas that must be addressed in what makes a Master a Master…so I will discuss the source of a Masters power and authority. A Master draws his power from his specialized knowledge, his creativity, from his ability to predict his slave’s emotional responses, confidence, from his ability to reward or punish, from agreements you have with your master, and from just plain sex appeal.

Specialized Knowledge.  A Master requires so much more knowledge and specialized skills overbdsm-master any other typical relationship that’s its ridiculous to compare the two. A Master may learn about flogging techniques, rope bondage, fire play, figging, watersports, enemas, electrical play, squirting techniques, mental bondage, hypnosis, needles and bloodplay for a brief list off the top of my head.  And he has to know these well enough to perform them with confidence and safely. So yeah, his specialized knowledge is a big source of power. He can do things to her that other guys haven’t even seen done in porn vids.  And her craving this…is a source of his power.

Creativity. Let’s face it, Masters are usually of above average intelligence and their kinky minds are always turning and figuring out great new ways to be deviant. A slave that gets used to the perverse variety oozing from her Master’s soul soon grows addicted to the new and interesting things her Master is constantly trying on her. Variety is the spice of life and a good Master is always switching it up (no pun intended.)

Ability to predict his slave’s state. A good Master is predictive of his slave’s mental and emotional state and is always aware of it.  As he learns her ins and outs, he soon begins to play her like a violin — calculating the effects and changes to her state from each action…playing with her (while learning more about her.) All of this attention and slave specific knowledge becomes are massive powerbase.

Confidence.  A Master must be confident in his own abilities and more importantly, express this confidence. A Master should exude confidence.  I will give a specific article to illustrate this point. This is from my most favorite magazine, New Scientist and it is an article call, Humans Prefer Cockiness to Expertise.  In it, it explains that the vast majority of people will go with the most assured and confident opinion holder over the guy who admits his right answer may be wrong. So scientists who says, “Well, no, I can say for sure that global warming has been caused by these factors” gets totally gunned down by a cocky son-of-a-bitch who is sure it’s all bullshit! The difference is, the scientist is completely convinced internally because there’s a 99% chance that it’s true and all the evidence points that way — but he’s a trained scientist and so always has doubt. Meanwhile, the cocky son-of-a-bitch thought about it for 10 seconds and decided it was wrong. But he can convince 80% of the people to believe him because he has astounding confidence.   It doesn’t matter the subject, people always choose the person with confidence over the guy with the facts (and the right answer.) Consider that when you want people to follow you. Confidence is social power.

Rewards.  Ahhhh, the sweet honey of power. Positive reinforcement through rewards and controlling what the slave desires most…and then giving it to her if she’s good. That’s powerful.

Punishment.  Yes, you can also wield power over a slave through the coercive power of inflicting punishment. However, a lot of noobs and rookie Doms think this is the key to their power…and it is, in my opinion, one of the least powerful forms of power a Dom has. Unless you’re a dick who is into abusive relationships and trying to bully and control the girl that way. But generally speaking, having a slave fear and hate you — is not the kind of slave relationship that really lights my fire. So I use this power sparingly. (Note: I am a bit of sadist so…not that sparingly. ha ha.) master-and-female-slave

Agreements. A Master and slave can enter into contracts where they both agree to certain standards and practices…and this too can be a form of power.  Hell, a Master can even get Power of Attorney over his slave…which is a very real legal form of power. So holding your slave to the agreements and commitments she’s made to you can be a great way to inspire her to get to the next level…and this is a power you can hold over her.

Sex Appeal. A Master can also so damn sexy and attractive that the slave will gush and want to do anything to please him. I won’t speak on how to achieve this state…but if you have it, goddamn it’s powerful as you control so much of the slave’s actions just based on her desire to please you.

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