Max Hardcore

max-hardcore-pornstarSo one of the most controversial porn producers out there is infamous Max Hardcore.  He most definitely is hardcore and he’s ruffled more than a few feathers.  The issues with him are ‘obscene’ acts, his abusive use of women and his overtly misogynistic outlook. That said, I really dig his porn…and I’ll explain why…and what I get out of it.  It’s interesting that what one gets out of it is not always what was put in. 😉  And how does this relate to BDSM? I’ll explain that too.

Max Hardcore is also known as Paul F. Little and he was born on August 10th, 1956 making him currently 57 (Oct. 2013).  He started making porn in 1992 with The Dirtiest Girl in the World  under the name Max Steiner and things really got going for him that same year with The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore. He’s gone on to make well over 200 titles, most of which involve anal sex, pissing, and a graphic debasing of women.

Some people claim he abuses women and should be jailed for that…but the truth is: he abuses consenting women.  But what exactly are all these people complaining about when they say abuse?


  • He dresses up women in child-like outfitsmax-hardcore-anal-sex
  •  he slaps them
  • chokes them with his hands
  • forces them to gag and puke on his cock as he roughly throat fucks them
  • he spits in their mouths
  • he fists their pussies and asses
  • has other girls fist them and piss on them
  • makes them puke on his cock and follows it up by forcing her to drink his piss
  • he gives them enemas and makes them drink it
  • makes girls puke on each other
  • pisses up their assholes and then takes a clear hose and shoves it up her ass so she can drink it
  • cums up her ass and then makes her squirt it out and drink it
  • and worst of all, he occasionally fucks her pussy! I know! O_o

So if any of that sounds abusive to you…then yeah,slut-wearing-lipstick-smeared he’s abusive. In fact, he was definitely one of this
first to pioneer this kind of porn — which has taken off and is now widely available on the net…mostly thanks to Max.

He definitely uses age play as a sort of power play — and even though  all of his actresses are over 18, in Max Extreme 4, his costar Regan Star says that she is 12 years old. In Max Extreme Schoolgirls 6, his costar Mya Mason states that she too is 12 years old.  So Maxy-boy has a thing for 12-year-olds. I don’t judge. The girls are over 18 and that’s what age play is all about. Perhaps that’s why he likes to fuck very skinny and short small breasted girls that are shaved. Oh…and wearing pigtails and sucking on a lollypop.  I dunno, it may be related. I’m pretty sure the ‘finding lost girls on a playground’ or ‘catching girls smoking and ass fucking them so he doesn’t tell her Mom” is related though.

He also verbally degrades the girls and calls them things like “Cum bucket” and “Urinal slut” while he smacks her around saying, “This is all your fault.” And in the end, he often leaves the girl looking shattered and utterly a mess with puke, piss, cum and slime all over her.

paul_little_senator_mccainAll of this led to the Feds in the US trying Paul Little under very weird circumstances for ‘obscenity’
which is so vague that they had to arrest him California and transport him to a conservative neighborhood in Florida to try him there under the ‘community standards’ because he had a server there. While he obviously plays rough…I don’t think he’s broken any laws and certainly done nothing to deserve the 46 months he served in jail starting in January 2009.

There are plenty of rumors out there on the web saying he was caught with/making child porn (totally untrue), that he raped several actresses (nothing has stood up enough to make it to court) and there is even a girl named Nessa who claims he raped and tortured her so in response he posted the exit video here:

(Honestly, the worst part of this video by far is the payment. He pays her just $150 for video that’s out there forever! OMG! Nessa, learn to negotiate a little. When he says, “How about I pay you $150 for that,”  YOU SAY NO!! And threaten to leave if he doesn’t offer something a little more reasonable. Ya don’t say, “Ummm, I was hoping for a lot more but….ok?” )

There is also repeated claims that Anne Howe used a safeword and he plowed through it and ignored it — which is extremely bad form! But I couldn’t find any source material for this…just repeats all leading back to the same anti-porn source so I personally don’t believe it. Ignoring a safeword would actually make me angry if he did that…and, in all honesty, shouldn’t ignoring a safeword be illegal?

But the long and the short of it is:


  • he did nothing legally wrong (nothing clearly defined or spelled out in words)
  • his conviction was a form an abusive censorship
  • filming any act between consenting participants should be legal
  • using legal loopholes and changing jurisdictions to get a conviction is complete BS and reeks of legal foul play
  • He served way way too long a sentence for this
  • Paul F. Little (aka Max Hardcore) is out now
  • He’s still making porn but I’ve heard the US stuff is totally watered down and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of legal restrictions on him preventing him to make porn the way he wants
  • You can download his moves at

Now Max Hardcore definitely doesn’t seem to treat his girls with a lot of respect nor does he value them highly…this is obvious. He probably doesn’t think of these pornstars as his equals as he’s constantly calling them dumb fuckholes.  Unfortunately, girls like Nessa above accepting $150 for something he probably makes $150 a day from…well, she’s not gonna be the one changing his opinion either.

I showed one of these videos to a lovely childlike girl who is into ageplay and she said to me, “Daddy…he hates that girl.”  And I totally see her point too.

So why do I like his videos?

1) His girls are almost all completely shaved and are thin with small tits!  I love tiny tits and it’s hard to find quality small tit porn that a single source.

2) The girls are into ageplay –and I adore ageplay so it’s kinda a girls-not-infectedgood fit…except he totally botches the best aspects of it.  His ageplay never includes him appreciating her childlike innocence and her great big kid-heart! And the whole ‘escape from the daily grind of life’ that she’s gets to enjoy…well, I question how much she enjoys any of this.  Some girls on his sets definitely get off on him being so rough and I wish this was obvious in all the girls he ‘uses’.

3) He dominates the girls. No question.  But the flavor could be far more rope and leather than…just plain rapey. But still, it’s a clear domination and I appreciated that from the very first scene I saw with him. I have always considered these an extreme form of BDSM video with far far too little bondage and flogging.

4) He’s extreme and kinky and makes the girls do all kinds of crazy shit…and I love all kinds of creative sex! He was the first guy I’ve seen piss up a girl’s ass. And I’d wanted to do that since I was a teenager. (I have, of course, done this since then but I’d wanted to do that way before I’d seen Max Hardcore do it.)  Another difference is, I know it’s extreme and I look at it as a test of the girl to see if she can take and use it as a way to show her devotion to me.  I look at the sharing of bodily fluids as one of the most extremely intimate things that lovers can do.  Would I want to do that with a random stranger? No fucking way! But with someone I care very deeply for…it will help me care even more deeply for her.

5) He pretty much always does anal.  Yup…what’s not to love.

Ashlie also loves Max Hardcore — probably more than I do!  She loves seeing the extreme acts that the anything for him!”   And that’s what I get out of it.  It’s not so much the act and definitely not the degradation — it’s the willingness to do anything. A good slut not only says yes to everything…but deeply wants to do it to serve and because she gets off doing things she’s never done before.

girls do and looks at it from the perspective of,


Again, every girl Max assfucks is over 18

“OMG yes! I’d love to do that for Master to prove to him I’d do

The biggest difference between me and Max is: I have to like the girls I’m with. I never, ever aim to have a one night stand. The fuck’em and forget’em mentality is repulsive to me. If I fuck her…I dig her and probably really want to fuck her again! (I can only think of one instance where I fucked a friend and it was so awful, awkward and not hot that I never wanted to fuck her again. But I’m still in contact with her as friends…but it was like a complete sexual incompatibility that I’ve never really experienced before.)   Anyway, if I’m going to put a girl through this kind of extreme treatment…it will open my heart up to her because she is taking this all for me … to serve me… to prove to me how awesome and open-minded she is… and if she can look at me like Ashlie does after puking on my cock: with eyes saying, “More? I love it!” well…my heart just melts.

Ha ha…so the lesson here is, anything, and I do mean anything, is better with a healthy injection of love.

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