On Sluthood

pro-slut-protestorsBeing a slut is one of the highest valued qualities I can think of in a girl.  I know there’s plenty of slut-shaming but one has to look at the root causes of this as they are entirely detrimental to…well, everybody.  Being a slut is a wonderful thing, a great gift, and high virtue. So it’s time recast the name and reclaim it for what sluts really are: awesome.

When I think of some good sluts, they are all, without exception, more open-minded, fun, spontaneous and in general happier than the average popu-

girls-on-vacationlation of girls.  Sluts are also, by definition, much more sexually open-minded. So what’s not to love? I’ll tell you. Don’t love the prudes (sure, sure, they are the ones that need it most but it’s kinda like settling for marmite when you have fresh homemade berry jam.) Sluts are the best and goddamnit, who doesn’t enjoy dating a slut? You get to fuck her more — and she will fuck you more! Oh, and I forgot to mention, she also knows what’s she’s doing in bed and is good at it. Fuck yeah!

naked-girl-covering-breastsOf course, there is slut-shaming which is brutally rampant for some unknown goddamn reason in North America. Slut-shaming is making a girl feel bad for being open and sexual –and is, at its core, one of the worst things for society in general.  First off, a human’s sexuality is so fundamental and captures the essence of their being. So slut shaming cuts right to the bone and is incredibly hurtful.  But what is slut-shaming based on?

Girls used to have one key virtue: their virginity.   Why? Because in the patriarchal societies of the  Western past, women were seen as property. I think it has tohot-girl-white-tanktop do with the very deep agricultural roots and men noticing that if they plant a seed then food grows. All of a sudden the concept of land ownership was born.  And shortly after that? Owning women because you plant your seed in them too. Soon, women became second class citizens where they formerly had run things through a matriarchal culture.  And one of the only things a woman had to secure her future was attracting a quality guy and getting him to marry her and provide for her.  Why?  Because she wasn’t allowed to work and provide for herself! (The guys may have rigged this system a little bit in their favor, I’m just saying.)  So a woman’s sexuality became linked with her value and her ability to negotiate a good deal and life for herself.  Of course, others went the route of prostitution where they again traded sex for material goods.

Now what completely fucks with a system where women trade sex as their

pro-slut-protesterprimary commodity? Sluts! That’s right, she’s just giving it away! And what does that do to the other women who are trying to sell it? It cuts them out completely.  And so slut-shaming was born to whip the sexually adventurous women into shape and make sure they don’t give it away for free and fuck up the only thing women could freely trade for marriage.

Well, that’s the history of slut-shaming in a nutshell.  But is it relevant to modern society? Should it be? I say whole-heartedly, NO!! Sluts are awesome and we’ve suppressed them long enough! Women have every right to be completely sexual creatures if they want! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a highly skilled, open-minded, empowered female who loves to fuck and is good at it.  In fact, this is the ideal role model and what all girls should aspire to!

It is a moral duty to support sluts and treat slut shaming exactly like open bigotry…zero tolerance.

Just today a guy said too loud, “She’s just a slut and nobodygirl-naked-on-the-street is interested in sluts. They should all be killed.” Well, I went ballistic on his ass…it was in a cafeteria with about 75% guys around.  I blasted him right there, “Are you fucking kidding me? Sluts are awesome. I want a slut. And let’s be honest here guys, why are you discouraging girls from getting laid?  You realize you’re stopping yourself from getting laid too. If more girls were sluts we’d all be getting laid more.  Am I right?” I appealed to the crowd and 85% of the guys were nodding their heads. “You could have a girl be easy or …what, difficult? Do you want girls that are difficult? C’mon! I want a girl who is confident, skilled and openly sexual. That’s desirable. That’s hot. You can keep all your uptight and repressed prudes. But better than that, we can teach them and encourage them to be sexual and happy too.  The whole world would be a better place if there were more sluts around.”

And you know what? The girls all chimed in with, “Hell yeah!”  The girls present had open eyes and were beaming at me.  I’d obviously hit a chord with them.  I’ve never been slut-shamed myself but looking around, I could tell these girls all felt oppressed by it.

And that part of my day was the inspiration for this post. Fuck oppression. Let’s kick off these bullshit shackles and recast the word slut in a new light. An awesome, desirable light.

And who doesn’t love attractive women in sexy, tight-fitting clothes? Should we make a girl feel bad for wearing such things? Or praise them for having the confidence and sharing their beauty with the world!

Oh, one more thing though…sluts…don’t tend to be extremely monogamous and don’t fit into the typical mode where a guy ‘owns’ his girlfriend. So yeah, word of warning there. If you’re wanting an exclusive relationship to feel safe and comfortable…maybe an empowered slut who doesn’t expressly need you isn’t the best fit for you.

I find this all hilarious as a Master who literally owns girls. And I’m proud to say that every single one of them is a glorious example of a slut! But I don’t feel massively threatened by guys wanting to fuck them…it’s to be expected. And if the guys are hot, fit and socially skilled…they probably should be fucking them because goddamn, that’s gonna make my slutty little babies feel so goddamn good so why would I deny them the pleasure? But those same guys must rejoice in the wonders of sluthood and not try to limit the girls or steal them away for themselves. No…they must be extremely respectful…because

sluts are wonderful goddesses that deserve the highest respect.slut-protester

And on respect: sluts deserve more respect than a non-slut in my opinion. Sluts dress in awesome clothes and are openly sexual. But that does not mean that you get to fuck them, touch them or harass them. Nooooooo! Women should wear more awesome outfits so we have to create a safe environment for them where they can wear what that want without a hassle or risk to their personal safety. She very much gets to choose who she sleeps with and no one has the right to force themselves on her. No one. The very idea that this is OK is based on slut-shaming and a completely outdated mindset.

So the next time you hear someone call someone a slut in a negative way, stand up and say something. Be bold. Think of being a civil rights activist in the 60s where people were openly degrading ‘Niggers.”  There is no place for that kind of bullshit and ya gotta say something about it in order to change it. Well, of the 2010s…it’s not a race…it’s sluthood that is becoming the predominant civil right that’s being stomped on and the time for change is now.  Speak up and support your local sluts! Empower every slut you can.  Love them and if you’re luckily, they’ll return a little of that love back to you. <3

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