Orgasm Control

girl-hugging-pill-bottleOrgasm control should be a part of slave training.  As a Master, you are in charge of your slave’s sexuality. It is that simple.  You are in control of if and when she cums, who she fucks and how often.  This is an essential part of controlling her very being…and, in my humble opinion, this is what slaves desire above all else.  So be sure to give it to them.
There are many methods that a Master can employ in order to gain control over her orgasms:
1) Forced Masturbation. This a favorite of mine. The Master forces the slave to cum many times a day, every day.  He directs her as to the methods employed (use a magic wand for example) and what kind of porn to look at while she touches herself. Of course, this also determines the number of times or the amount of time she spends masturbating.  I like a number between 20 and 40 for my daily orgasm quota.
2) Masturbation without orgasm. A Master can also have the slave get herself in a constant state of arousal but not allow her any release (except perhaps on his cock?)  This method has the slave masturbating several times a day almost to orgasm and then she has to stop. Or you can make her touch herself for an hour — bringing herself to the edge as many times as she can…but never being allowed to go over the edge.
3) Tie and Tease.  A Master should also take a hands-on approach. So the Master can bind her so her legs are spread and she can’t move and then stimulate her (I like to use the magic wand here) so while ordering her strictly not to cum.  She has to hold herself back from orgasm under threat of severe punishment. As you see here about to fail and cum…pull it away — and maybe slap her face to help her not go over the edge.


4) Cumming on Command. You can use the tie and tease method above so that she learns to cum on command too! Make it so she has to wait for you to give the order to cum before she can be released. A wonderful benefit of this is training her to beg for the chance to orgasm. God that’s hot!  Do the teasing right and she will be begging you with every ounce of her soul to cum.


5) Forced Shejaculation. If a Master can’t be around to watch the fun you can force her to shejaculate (female ejaculate aka squirting). This way, when the Master returns home he can see the proof that she’s been a good little girl when she presents him with a bowl of her liquid orgasms.  I like the proof method as it gives her something tangible to work to towards…she is physically creating something she can hold and give to you.
6) Chastity. A Master can also go to the opposite extremes and deny her the ability to cum at all orfemale-chastity-belt even to touch herself.  This method can employ the use of devices like chastity belts with a lock on it so that she has no access to her pussy for self-stimulation.  I am not a huge fan of this method as my kink is getting more and more orgasms out of her…not denying her. But this can be extremely effective to make a slave nuts for a few days after she’s been cumming 40 times a day for months: the shock of not cumming at all for a few days can turn her into a raving nympho…which is what every Master should aspire to create!
7) Timed Release.  Basically, the way I like to do this is tell the slave a specific time later on in the day that she can cum for you…that she will have to cum in front of you and for you.  Then you order her to go masturbate almost to orgasm 3 times …while she knows full well that she won’t get to cum till that evening at 8pm in front of you. This gets her all aroused and horny for the rest of the day so she’ll be thinking about cumming for you all day long.
A word of warning here. This can and will get very intimate and intense for her. You are toying with the very core of her sexual being and she will become emotionally and physically attached to you — needing your words and direction.  Do not do this casually with a slave you don’t really care about –as it will create an emotionally dependent slave that if you disgard haphazardly, she will be crushed and ruined for other Masters (or at least, those other Masters will have to spend way too much time undoing your fuckups.)   So don’t do this!
I repeat: orgasm control is very emotional and her emotional safety is at risk so only do this with a slave you care deeply for.  This is emotionally powerful stuff here, so treat her with respect!

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