Orgasm Training from a subbie’s perspective


From the desk of a chronic masturbator

When Master first told me he wanted to do “Orgasm Training” with me I didn’t know exactly what he meant. He explained that he didn’t feel it was healthy for a girl to go a full day without an orgasm and that he wanted to make sure that I was extremely healthy. He further explained that a fetish of his was controlling and ensuring orgasms.

I never knew how deep down the rabbit hole this would take me.

He told me that wanted to try something if I was game: that he would text me and every time I received an order to go touch myself, I would immediately go to the closest washroom, wherever I was, and touch myself right to the edge of orgasm.  Then I was to calm down and little and then do it again…being sure never to go over the edge and cum.

I went off to work the next morning and within an hour of arriving, my first text came in.  I went to the washroom and felt like a total whore touching my bare pussy at work but I had agreed to do whatever he asked.

By the time I returned, I was so fucking horny and turned on that I must have been makingtoilet-girl inappropriate eye contact with every guy in the workplace. A half hour later I noticed that I was squeezing my thighs together in my frequent squirms.

The next message arrived right in time for my break.  It told me that I was to do another round and that I
was to cum only with my Master’s eyes on me later that day.

By afternoon several texts had arrived and I was a raving mess. My panties were soaked and all I could think about was touching myself and how I couldn’t wait to see him so that I could finally cum.

I reached his place and my body was on fire. I was a woman on a mission and I had to sooooo BAD! He opened the door and I dove at him giving him a passionate french kiss. I pushed him back onto the couch and squirmed as his hand moved towards my aching pussy.

“Do you want to cum now?” he asked.

“Omg yes!” I begged.

“Well, you can come now touching yourself as I watch…or you can wait a little bit and I will make you cum,” he teased.  Fuck him! Devious bastard. I knew I would cum way harder with him in control so I had no choice but to delay.

“Good girl! Your choice pleases me. As a reward: demonstrate how you’ve been getting to the edge of orgasm for me. Naked.”

I stripped off my clothes and played with my clit while he looked on with approval. He was cooly evaluating my performance and I was so turned on buy having to touch myself while he watched. Within a minute or two I pull my hand away, staying the orgasm with my thoughts. I couldn’t have gotten closer to the edge.

He laid back on the couch and said, “Good, now make me hard with your mouth.”

I greedily sucked his thick, hard cock into my mouth and pleased him. I had no idea that frequently getting this close to orgasm would turn me into a sex crazed slut. All I could think about was fucking and cumming and sex.

Finally, he laid back and said, “Now feed me your pussy.”

I did my best not to smother him with my soaking wet pussy. I have to admit, I was concerned I bdsm-orgasm-toyswould squirt a gallon and soak his leather couch in my female ejaculate. But fuck it: I HAD  to cum.

I think it was one of the most intense orgasm I’d had up to that point in my life. I came so hard as his tongue expertly massaged my aching clit.

And then I made a huge mistake. Laying there in his arms, I said, “Master, that was sooo good. Can we
please do more training like that?”

I’m a dumb little subbie sometimes. I had no idea how intense Master could make this type of training. This was just the very tip of the iceberg. I was in for a hell of a ride.

[To be continued]

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