Orgasm Training from a Subbie’s Perspective Pt.II


tied-sex-slave“Master, that was sooo good. Can we please do more training like that?” I had begged after my first experience with orgasm control.  Now I was kicking myself for saying that!

Master sat me down and laid out the ground rules if I would agree to them.  He told me that from this moment onward, every orgasm I had would be his. I would have to give him orgasms on a regular basis as part of my duties as a slave.  Worse, I would not be allowed to have an orgasm without his permission and he could deny me orgasms or the ability to touch myself if he saw fit.

And I foolishly agreed and promised him anything and everything he wanted. I wanted so badly to please him.

From that moment on, I was constantly dependent on him for all my sexual release and I slowly became utterly dependent on him.  Sometimes he would make me practice getting so close to orgasm with him teasing me and teasing me and sharply reprimanding me if he sensed I was getting too close to the orgasm.

An interesting thing happened to the intensity of my orgasms too.  The orgasms would build and build and sometimes he’d make me go for literally hours with lots of stimulation yet with no orgasms. When he finally gave me permission to cum I came so hard I literally went blind from it and was just one big white light of orgasmic energy.

Sometimes he would make me wear a vibrator girl-masturbates-with-vibratorinside me while we sat and watched movies

together. The vibe constantly keeping me horny and yet I could see he clearly had no intention of letting me cum till after the movie was over. By then I was sopping wet and just dying to suck down his cock to please him enough to earn an orgasm.

When he left me by myself, he almost always gave very specific orders as to the number of orgasms I was to give him while he was out.  He’d tell me what porn to view, what vibes to use, if I was to have something up my ass, and, of course, the orgasm schedule or lack thereof.  The lacking days were the worst. I’d get progressively hornier throughout the day and by the end had little choice but to touch myself non-stop so I was constantly on the edge of orgasm but knowing I could never go over.

I had always been very sexual but this O-training girl-masturbatingwas concentrating my attention into a laser-like focus. Master always gave me the most intense series of orgasms at the end of each play session and I was getting seriously addicted.

Soon Master was inserting a rabbit vibe in me and putting it on low power and making hold off cumming from it for 5 minutes. When I succeeded a few times, he increased the vibe. At first it took him glaring at me and strongly saying, “Don’t you DARE cum without my permission,” to help me learn how to hold off the orgasm on my own. If I failed, he’d always resort to clamps and nipple torture while he flogged my ass before he’d give me another chance to please him.

Eventually, with the increasing vibes and amount of time, I learned to stay an orgasm for a very long time. I can’t keep it off indefinitely but I can certainly wait until he says the word. I now live for him saying, “Cum for me.”   He got to learn all my responses so intimately and now he always knows exactly where I am and how to tease me so brutally.

Then one day he completely cut off, my ability to touch myself! He locked up my toys and told me that, since I had already cum  175 times that month …I wouldn’t be allowed to cum for the rest of the month! It was ONLY the end of the first week in the month! Instead, he trained me to cum to him and beg for his tongue, fingers or cock to get me close to cumming.  I found not touching myself to be the hardest part of my training. Even when I was riding him, he would only let me get to the edge but never cum. By the end of the first week, I told Master I didn’t think I could make it to the end of the month. He told me he’d think about it and if I could make it to the end of the week he’d have a special surprise for me.

I could barely wait till Saturday night. He kept mentioning it and I used the anticipation of the cumming Saturday and all of my willpower to not touch myself.

Finally, Saturaday night arrived. He had me dress up in a pink latex laxtex-slavedress that hugged my thin little
frame and made me feel like the horniest whore ever.  He then told me he’d was going to let me play with the magic wand as he talked to me and got me closer and farther from orgasm.  If I was really really good, he’d let me cum.  But if I came without permission it would be 30 days before I could cum again.

That evening he got me to the edge what seemed like 1000 times. I was soooo goood! I never came and I was so utterly desperate to hear him say, “Give me my orgasm.”  I was sweating like crazy in the latex dress and my pussy was weeping rivers in anticipation.  Finally, Master talked me up to the very highest edge and said, “Now get ready for your surprise.  Hold that edge and wait for the final word. Are you ready?”

I nodded like a bobble head going over a speedbump.

“Give…me…my…VIBRATOR” he said and YANKED the vibe away from my pussy! I nearly cried! The evil bastard denied me the orgasm he’d promised.  And then what did my twisted Master do? Tie me up to the bed so I was for sure unable to touch myself. Then he roughly fucked my mouth and came down my throat. Snuggling me he said, “Maybe tomorrow slave,” and flipped off the light.

I was so energized and horny that I couldn’t sleep for hours. The next morning I was a grumpy, irritable bitch. I made the mistake of handing Master his coffee without showing the proper respect in holding it out to him. He leapt upon me and seized my throat. “You are being an insolent little slut because you think you deserve to cum.”

He then proceeded to spank me right there until my ass was red and spotted. Finally, having vented some of his anger, he said, “So you really need to cum now, don’t you?”

“OMG yes Master! I can’t take it!” I wept.

“Then are you willing to give me many many orgasms every day until the end of the month?”

“Fuck yeah!” I said and got slapped again before correcting my phrasing, “I mean, yes Master. Anything to please you Master.”

“Well, then you are going to cum for me 20 times before work, 20 times at work, and another 20 times at home before you cum in front of me 5 times every hour I am awake. That’s at least 75 times, every day. Are you in agreement? Or shall you cum no times till the end of the month?”

Without hesitating, I said, “Master, my orgasms are yours to command. I will cum as often as pleases you. I will gladly cum 75 times a day for you.”

“Good, I may even allow you to cum and squirt for my pleasure. Well see. But because you’ve been insolent this morning, you intense orgasm training with 75 or so a day: that will start tomorrow.”

[To be continued]

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