A girl shejaculating

I really like the words Shejaculate and Shejaculating…they are cool so I thought I’d do a quick post to formally define them.

Definitions of Shejaculate and Shejaculating:

Shejaculate (n) – is the liquid that squirts and gushes out of a vagina, frequently after the use of the ‘come hither’ motion to massage the g-spot. The liquid is usually clear although it can be whitish and this cum has been scientifically proven not to be pee. Shejaculate is produced by the Skene’s glands (aka the female prostate).  Shejaculate, this wonderful female ejaculation,  contains higher concentrations of glucose, 600X more PSA,  50X more fructose and 1600X less urea than urine sofemale-squirtingit’s definitely it’s own thing.  Shejaculate is also known as female ejaculate, shejaculation, squirt, girl cum, and just plain cum.  Shejaculate tastes sweet, dries clear and is odorless. Females often squirt and ejaculate more than a half cup of this fluid when they orgasm. See How to Make Girls Squirt.

Shejaculate (v) – that act of producing shejaculate, a female shejaculates when she squirts cum out

of her pussy.


Shejaculation triggered by anal sex

Shejaculating (v) – a conjugation of the verb ‘shejaculate’, this is the spontaneous act of squirting liquid from the vagina during orgasm. A female may shejaculate and eject large volumes of cum known as ‘shejaculate’ (noun) from her vagina in a short burst known as a ‘gush’ or a ‘squirt.’ The longer form of this word is ‘female ejaculating’ and it is sometimes shorted to just ‘squirting’ or ‘cumming.’ Shejaculation is frequently caused by stimulation of the g-spot in the vagina but is also frequently triggered by anal sex or anal stimulation.


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