Slaves, family and Thanksgiving

First off, I’m Canadian and so Thanksgiving was LAST weekend. Harvest is earlier up here and so is Thanksgiving.  That said, this Thanksgiving was kinda sad for me because I didn’t see nor have contact with the families of my slaves :'(  My little sexpet Ashlie is family to me.  She is collared and will always serve me. I have done Christmas and turkeyday with her family before — but this time, not so much.

And so I’m kinda sad about that. I will definitely do Christmas with her — but we are still ‘in the closet’ with our relationship — sorta.  She has a conservative Dad and stepwife and I just can’t see that conversation working out for me.  With her Mom however,  I think she’s highly suspicious –and cool with it.

I would like to spend every holiday with my pets. <3

Of course it would be really nice to be fully out. I’m not saying I should throw it in their face or anything like this:


I’m not sure if *I* want to see Ashlie like this…so I think it’s safe
to say her conservative father doesn’t.

But there it need not be so in your face (or use such thin string!)
I am saying that I want to spend every holiday with my sex kittens as they are my family.
That said, I also miss my Special K whom I haven’t seen in a massive two weeks!  So sad. I’ll try not to wallow in it 😉
But there are may ways that I could create a BDSM friendly Thanksgiving, complete with it’s own rituals. In my home anyway. I just don’t feel comfortable do things to sexual around any parental units. (I know, I know! I’m such a prude!)
But in my own home, I’d like to see a Thanksgiving that looks a little more like this:

OMG, such perfect tits on her that she needs to be stuffed!

So, for all the Canadians, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! And to my American cousins… there’s still time to plan out the most perfect BDSM Thanksgiving ever!

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