69 Ways to Humiliate Your Slave

Slaves sometimes need to humbled and put in their place to feel owned — and many get off of the lack of control and humiliation — so it’s best to give it to her. Now some of the things on this list are pretty standard demands of mind and I don’t really consider them that humiliating or for the purposes of humiliation…but that said, I’m sure some kinder, gentler girls would feel totally humiliated by many of these so I’m including them to give you ideas.

So here’s a List of 69 Ways to Humiliate Your Slave:

  1. Make her into a table or other piece of furniture.


    Or pee in a public urinal.

  2. Age play (yes, remove all authority from her by turning her into an 11-year-old girl)
  3. Scolding her like she’s a little girl.
  4. Have her wear pigtails and carry a doll in public
  5. Go to a show and pay for 1 adult and 1 child (heh heh, it’s cheaper too!)
  6. Force her to pee into a bowl in front of you
  7. Only allow her to pee outside in the backyard
  8. Make her pee in front of other people
  9. Make her masturbate (discretely) in public.
  10. This one takes a photobooth but: make her go into the photobooth and take off her top and have photos taken (she pays for this, of course.) Her face must be clearly visible in each topless photo. Then she leaves the both without looking back…never knowing who gets the photos or where they will end up.
  11. Take her to a party wearing the tightest, sluttiest dress you can summon.
  12. Make her eat from a bowl off the floor using only her mouth.
  13. Make her eat only that which has been inside of her pussy or ass first.
  14. Pee on her cereal instead of milk.
  15. Pee on her face.


    Or use combos:  enemas, anal eating and force lesbianism.

  16. Pee in her mouth and make her swallow.
  17. Hell, pee up her ass and make her drink it from a long clear tube.
  18. Make her blow you and then force her to puke on your cock
  19. Then force her to eat her own puke
  20. Slap her face (surprising how effective this is for some)
  21. Only allow her to sit/sleep on the floor
  22. Only allow her to wear a collar around the house (aka always naked slave)
  23. Don’t allow her to use utensils to eat
  24. Verbally abuse her by calling her a whore, slut…etc. (List way too long.)
  25. Force her to wear butt plugs to work
  26. Force her to squirt and then drink her female ejaculatecrawling-leashed-girl
  27. Make her wear a see-through top in public (no bra)
  28. Don’t allow her to wear underwear
  29. Walk her around on a leash in the dog park (ok, ok! Any public place! Dogs will be the only ones to truly get the humiliation: it’s a leash free zone.)
  30. Take her to a strip joint make her get a lap dance
  31. Take her to a strip joint and make her strip (note: licence and club pre-approval is required for this to actually work.)
  32. Make her walk around a mall holding her favorite vibrator
  33. Force her to drink many glasses of water and take her out shopping while not allowing her to pee.
  34. Make her lick a butt plug after it’s been in her ass awhile.
  35. Make her lick your cock after it’s been in her ass (every time, heh heh)
  36. Make her lick your boots (gotta be honest, never found this one that hot.)
  37. Give her an enema.
  38. Make her wear a real schoolgirl uniform and then pick her up out front just after school ends.
  39. Inspect her pussy to ensure it’s properly and completely shaved — in public.


    Surprisingly effective in practice at humiliating outspoken women.

  40. Take her to a fetish party and ball gag her so she can’t speak at all.
  41. Have her wear diapers — and use them.
  42. #38 but in public.
  43. Command that the bathroom door must always be wide open when she uses it.
  44. Pee on her while she’s dressed and take her out in public.
  45. Take her shopping and dress her like the biggest whore you can.
  46. Dress her in cat ears and a butt-plug-cat-tail and make her literally your sex kitten.
  47. Don’t allow her to ever have any pubic hair.
  48. Make her wear a veil (specifically the niqab) in public.
  49. Make her drink her own pee.
  50. If you live in a country like Canada that has laws saying women can go topless at
    the beach (but sadly they don’t) — make her go topless. Else: a mirco-bikini is awesome.
  51. Have her clean your ass with her tongue (personally, I prefer a wash with water and her hand first — then using her tongue to prove it’s clean.)
  52. Make her call you Master in public.


    Is her bikini small enough

  53. Force her to have lesbian sex while you watch.
  54. Make her wear a very light shirt with a black bra that’s super easy to see. Take her to a crowded, upscale bar and have a couple drinks. Then make her go remove the bra in the bathroom and then hand it to you slowly. Stay to make sure everyone notices that she’s suddenly lacking her conspicuous bra
  55. Forced flattery: where she must state how wise, just and correct my decisions are -often

    Everyone notices the bra

    while complimenting my brain and/or physique.

  56. Have her serve you with others (because, yeah, that’s the way to do it.)
  57. Cum up her ass and make her squirt it out on a plate then lick it up.
  58. Post naked photos of her on the internet.
  59. Make her do cam porn and then give you the money she earns.
  60. Have her wear a vibrator and cum in a busy restaurant.
  61. Make her weigh herself and tell you her number — daily.
  62. Have her wear her slave collar in public.
  63. Cut holes in her clothes if they aren’t slutty enough.
  64. Write on her body with lipstick
  65. Put makeup on her badly and take her out in public.
  66. Give her a enema and take her for a walk around the block.pissing-herself
  67. Make her flash her tits at strangers on the highway.
  68. Force her to attempt to pick up girls while you watch.
  69. Make her pee herself in public (best to use light pants that really go dark when wet) — grocery stores are ideal.


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