Anally Induced Squirting

anal-female-ejaculationThis topic was actually Ashlie’s idea. She asked me to do a post on girls that squirt from anal sex/anal play as…it’s awesome.

One of my most favorite things is to be laying on my back with Ashlie facing me while riding my cock.  I get to see her going up and down and the expressions on her face my cock slides in and out of her ass.  Then you can see her orgasm building. She’s getting ready to cum and approaching the edge.  So I watch her cute little, bare pussy in anticipation.

I love looking at Ashlie’s pussy. It’s completely hairless as always. It should be. She had her little pussy lasered so no hair grows. That means she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time shaving or waxing and better yet, there is absolutely no stubble nor ingrown hairs. No, she always has a completely bare pussy. <3  And I can see her pussy is starting to feel the strain of orgasm and I hope she’s gonna squirt for me.

Suddenly her pussy flexes and spasms: a massive gush for female ejaculation squirts out of her bare pussy! Her warm, clear cum sprays all over me as she moans while cumming on my cock.  I’m can hold back — having an orgasm fetish — I cum deep up her ass as she soaks me, the bed and her legs.

You see, some girls squirt as a result of anal sex and I am blessed that Ashlie is one of them. There is something about anal sex that just hits the right spots and causes her to cum and squirt.  The best position for this is with her on top.  I say best because that is the position that is most likely to make her squirt.  I’m not saying it’s best because I am directly beneath her and get completely soaked by her female ejaculate: that is simply a bonus.

So why do girls squirt from anal sex?   Female ejaculation is not well understood never mind anal squirting.  So I’m writing about it partly to assure you that it is a very real thing.  I’m not sure if the g-spot is ever hit from anal sex…especially with her riding my cock. (Note: my cock is quite thick and straight as an arrow — it doesn’t have a massive banana curve to it that would bend around and hit her g-spot.)

slave-anal-sex-orgasmAnally induced squirting works really well probably because the girl is so focused on the massive amount of sensations in her ass that it takes her by surprise. Ashlie has said that her squirting from anal seems to go from 0 to squirting without her really being conscious of it.  The anus has an absolutely huge number of nerve endings and that feedback from being ass-fucked pretty much overwhelms the the girls ability to think.  Perhaps she squirts because she can’t process the signals well and the orgasm just takes her by surprise.

Another idea for why she squirts is: she doesn’t asain-squirting-orgasm-analhave anything in her pussy blocking the squirt-pathway.

But one thing is clear, the same muscles on the pelvic floor (Kegels) that strengthen the G-spot are also attached to the anus so that connection is probably the one that causes the squirting. See my post on How To Do Kegel Exercises to Squirt for a diagram of the muscles and how they are linked.

When Ashlie (or Special K) squirts really hard, they both push my cock out of there pussy with a massive convulsion and eruption of liquid orgasm. It’s impossible for them to squirt while I am in their pussies — and nearly impossible for me to force my way inside while they are squirting. But with anal sex, I’m not blocking the pathway at all…so she can squirt freely while I fuck her sweet little ass and I can keep fucking her as she squirts.


Thankfully, both Ash and Special K’s tits are smaller <3

Special K can cum anally from Ashlie using a nice thick, purple vibrating dildo on her ass. Ashlie loves to pump in and out of Special K’s ass and then drink her shejaculation as she cums from the anal pleasuring. This is an wonderful thing to watch and make me love my girls so much. Seeing Ashlie then pull the dildo out of the shaking Special K’s ass and then put it in her mouth to clean it off while she makes eye contact with me: priceless. Ashlie loves ass to mouth almost as much as she loves drinking Special K’s female ejaculation.

Other girls I have been with could only squirt fromass-sex-squirting-threesome anal sex. So there could be something just about the nerve pathways from the ass which go through the g-spot or is somehow linked to shejaculating. (That was just screaming for a link.) Males have their prostates in their ass and that’s one reason why guys love getting anal sex. But girls may have a similar type connection — with no prostate — that has yet to be documented.  But it makes sense. Girl parts tend to be like guy parts and have a similar counter part. For example, her outer pussy lips are the female equivalent of a guy’s balls. They start out the same but grow into different structures as each sex differentiates in the womb. So it makes sense that the nerves that run through the prostate in a guys ass — giving guys a ‘unique’ anal orgasm — also run through a girl’s ass and her ‘prostate’ which is known as the g-spot or Skene’s glands. (Click HERE to see my post on the female prostate and see the structure in more detail.)   So if the nerve paths run from her ass through her g-spot then it makes sense that she would squirt from an anal orgasm.  If the nerves don’t run through her female prostate like they do through men’s prostates…then why else would she squirt during an anal orgasm?

So I think anally induced squirting relies on the fact that girls have all those nerves in her ass flow through her g-spot and the signal is combined with the same muscles being stimulated so when she has an anal orgasm: she squirts.



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