Awesome Amputee Aimee Mullins


My #1 Celeb crush: Aimee Mullins
Sexiest woman alive.

I’ve may have stated sometime before that I have a thing for amputees. I may have even written something more here or here. So while this usually a space to talk about BDSM lifestyle, technique, mindset, safety as well as all things sexual like female ejaculation…let’s talk about one of the hottest women on the planet for bit.

I saw a Ted Talks with Aimee Mullins and was just blown away by her. She rocks the planet. Not only is she super smokin’ hot…but she’s a double amputee to boot. It only gets better. If you hear her speak, she’s brilliant and innovative and completely amputee positive in a way I wish everyone was.
She’s so awesome I could die.

She brings up some very valid points about the beauty aesthetic that used to dominate the world of prosthetic limbs. Specifically she challenges the notion that any prosthetic should look just like a normal human counterpart.


Check out these excellent wood boots!
Carved from solid ash. I call them boots
because they are. Why do we have to have a
leg to have a boot??



There is actually no need for this at all. Prosthetic can be made in any colour from a shiny jet back, anodized aluminum or even clear plastics.

She even owns a pair of legs that are non-functional but pure sculpture and  awesome: jellyfish legs.



Aimee Mullins Jellyfish Leg (1 of 2)

Part of me wants to dress her up in a black lace corset and the jellyfish


Anodized aluminum: taste the rainbow

legs and spend with weekend making love to her while my slaves bring us food and beverages. Thing is, I think she’d be so cool just to talk that a weekend would be far too short.


Whoops, distracted there. So the point being, we can look at prosthetic limbs in two ways:
i) as a challenge to recreate something indistinguishable and therefore as lifelike as a human arm or leg.
ii) as a challenge to create something awesome from the infinite depths of our imaginations.

Now option i) has some interesting options from companies like Dorset Ortho who create ultra realistic looking silicon limbs. I get it that one might want to just blend in sometimes and not be noticed so these could be an option if you were wanting to conceal your awesome amputee self a little.

It seems kinda neat to have some silcone legs

Clear? Omg, how cool is that?!?!

— but one of the best parts of being an amputee is you can change legs. So of course you should have a pair of these. But you should also have other ones as well. Why? Because you can! <3

Personally, I prefer the later option (ii). Almost everyone has 2

arms and 2 legs so why both trying to
make sure that the rare few that don’t look exactly like everyone else?  I mean look at these clear legs? Are they not incredible and sexy? Sure, they are attached to a goddess…but the goddess has style! <3

Or what about these red legs? No one would confuse them with a standard biological leg…but that’s part of the point. I think something that throws people off of fake legs is they look almost right but a more than a little off and something is triggered in an evolutionary way that says, “this is different and a threat.” It’s like 93% human but the 7% gives us the willies. So fuck that. if you do something cool and stylish like the red leg below…there is no ambiguity. It’s just cool…and it’s my preference. (I also don’t appreciate amputee girls hiding…I would prefer them being much easier to spot!)

Hell, look at the sprinting legs — and the care that was take to ensure that they don’t outcompete standard human legs. WTF? If you can have legs that make you run faster — why limit yourself to some arbitrary biological limit of people with fixed standard bodies? Fuck, if you could add legs that make you taller or make you fly…wouldn’t you?

Note: Aimee Mullins did that — her ‘normal’ height is 5’8 but she has a set of legs that make her 6’1. So she’s super tall and hot. But I have to wonder…what can a limb be made specifically as an cool-prosthetic-legsamazing sex toy? With built in vibrator? Oh yes, I think it can.

But still, it’s not only her legs I’m drooling over. It’s the whole package. She’s fit, athletic, highly intelligent, articulate, outspoken, innovative and appreciates the arts. She’s the first amputee to compete in the NCAA and is pioneering legend being the first to wear with the cheetah carbon-fibre sprinting leg (she can sprint 100m in 12.88s?? wtf? She’s part rocket. Yes…rocket propelled so she can jump over 5m in long jump. That’s amazing for any girl.) On top of that she’s an established actress and could hold her own on the Colbert Report too. Basically, she’s the kind of girl that if you take her to a drive in movie on a summer’s night you will fall madly in love. It’s not just ’cause she looks like this:

One of the main things I like about her though is her


Don’t hurt either

attitude and her perspective.  In her TedTalk she says that people have frquently said to her that she’s ‘very attractive and doesn’t seem disabled’ and then talks about how the word disabled is completely inaccurate.  I couldn’t agree more.  How we have been taught to socialize and see people that are different has all kinds of influences from awkward people passing on their social awkwardness and stigma to their kids.  It has a lot less to do with see the people for who they really are and how to make the most of what they have.


I have some issue with this however…is that makeup or…
bushy pubic hair??? *PLEASE say makeup!*

But don’t take my word for it. See her talk…her body language– hell, her use of language. Watch this TedTalks and see how awesome and sexy this amputee is. (Note: I say only mention that she’s an amputee because it’s adds even more uniqueness to her –and in my mind makes her that much more desirable.)

Final note: If Aimee is reading this because she’s google’d herself — do contact me. Your website ( doesn’t exactly list off your personal contact info.


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