Dreams of poly-latex girls

I had a dream last night that stood out as interesting to me. Note: I can lucid dream at times and my dream recall is usually excellent — so I’m writing this to jot down the main points.

It started off with me in a thrift shop that drew me in because they had a nice sample of boardgames — and everyone knows there’s nothing like buying an awesome boardgame for $0.50 so I had to check it out.  Now for uninitiated, if you think I’m shopping for Risk or Clue you’re out of your fucking mind. I don’t do mass-produced crappy-assed games like Battleships.  I’m hoping to pick up a cheap copy of Twilight Imperium, Gloom, Game of Thrones, or Tash-Kalar. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then your a nub and shall refrain from judging me based on your ignorance. Rant over.

While shopping, I noticed a cute blond girl with a skeleton-skinnylittle imp-like nose and an interesting looking little white tank-like top and jean shorts…that exposed just the right amount of her to make me think,  ‘Daddy likes.’ So I shopped while keeping an eye on her for openings. When I saw her pick up a book on San Diego dove in quoting Anchor Man, “Did you know that San Diego means whale’s vagina?”

She laughs and looks kinda flustered at the mention of vagina by a strange man. “I have no idea what to say to that,” she says trying to cooly blow me off.

“Oh, you’re cute. Please don’t say anything — you’ll ruin it.”  I wink and give her a sly grin.  I then let her in on the Anchor Man joke.

We banter back an for that bit and share with her that I’m boardgame shopping. She’s a game geek and says she’s got a rare copy of Amerigo that’s got painted 3D pieces and the tiles are made of metal. Interesting. Now, this girl has my attention — and I have to see this game.

So I flirt with her shamelessly until she invites me over to see it. I intentionally misunderstand her to mean, “right now” and I take her hand and lead her out of the store.  She’s giggling and we’re bantering well the whole way to her place.

At the entrance to her place, is a window wall landing with a door leading up some stairs to the right. She says I have to stay back as she pulls some black lace blinds down in front of me — separating me from her and the door upstairs. I’m not thrilled by the barrier separating me from her bedroom but I joke, “OMG, it’s like an old-school elevator. That’s so cool. I’d show everyone that as soon as they came over too.”

black-fetish-girlShe says she’s going upstairs to get it and will bring it down. But I follow her upstairs after a few beats — as this my chance and this sexy blond game geek oozing yummy and should be in my tummy. I get to the top of the stairs and look around for her…but she’s not in sight. However, there were 13 girls all wearing latex spread about the room — mostly on all fours with some sitting on wooden chairs. All of them looking at me and smiling.  They were all on mats and some in bondage– and when I say latex: I mean undeniably kinky latex.  Near my side of the room is giant 4 poster bed that was made around 4 mattresses — making one hell of an uber-bed. The bed had embroidered yellow sheets that seems high quality and classy. With all the female energy in the room — and latex and rubberized mats — it was like a sex haven built just for shejaculation.

“Hello… I…would like to ask some questions if that’s cool,” I said,


She didn’t say much.

more surprised and confused than
anything. They were kinda shy and reserved but I quickly got a response from one of them that they were all owned by a Mistress who was not home at the moment. They also said that I wasn’t supposed to be there. They were guarded as I had just burst into their home — and one other mentioned an ‘Instagram experience’ they’d had that had gotten them way too much exposure and therefore creepers. As a result, they’d lost some girls and become less guest friendly.

I had to smooth things over quick. I told them I about my 24/7 slaves and that I was Master but fully appreciated keeping a low profile in the vanilla world. “Also, I’m we’re all poly. Which is what I’m assuming you guys are?”  This seemed to put them very much


Just picture 9 more in the room.

at ease. You could feel the tension melt away from the room.  They were polyamorous, of course — as how else could you have 13 girls happy? I went on to explain that I was excited to see the rare version the game and that was why I was here.  I moved a bit from the staircase and said my friend (the nameless blond hottie) was getting it for me — and I peeked through a doorway to see if she was in there.

As the door opened, I saw that this was


The dream bed was larger, had awesome sheets
and 2 more posts. It was smaller than the main bed tho.

the bedroom of the Mistress. It had blood red walls and a
freakin’ giant bed of course. Anyone with 13+ sex slaves MUST have a minimum of an epic-sized bed. Hers was a regal 4 poster, beige-like with hints of gold and silky flowing sheets. The posts were massive wooden beams that were elegantly carved with giant sapphires mounted on them. She had the good sense to have posts large enough to fully tie a girl to each one (although there were no girls in this room at the moment) so I was fully appreciating the style of this Mistress.

Just then, some other people came over to visit. I spoke to the newcomers — mostly kinda tough looking guys and one tarty looking girl in a red dress wearing a gold cross on a chain.  After a brief intro, one guy started showing me his latest Instagram photo post that he was proud of while whipping out his fancy LG phone. [My brain apparently took some money for product placement from Instagram and LG.]  The guy was apparently a famous GGG director as well as a “recording artist who came from the hood.” He showed me his latest video and eagerly pointed out the graffiti tags in the background. One prominently featured tag behind an action in the video (which was mainly girls dancing around a DJ doing his DJ thang) was a stylish graffiti tag with an old school ‘ancestor’s ring’ surrounded by 7 silver rings — one representing each of his slave girls. Then he said, “You can never have too much love Bro.”

polyamory-bookHe looked at me for my response. I locked eyes with him, “Respect. You got your priorities straight,” I said.  The real connection that I had with him was, of course, the bdsm lifestyle.

And overall I woke up feeling sooo good to meet what I think of a kin: like-minded people that were awesome and totally livin’ the life as they dream it up.  The irony here being I didn’t meet them at all as this was a dream that I’d dreamt up.

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