naked-woman-exercisingA girl I live with recently adopted the habit of riding an exercise bike while playing video games or watching the movies projected on the wall (yeah, I have a projector…fuck watching a tiny 50″ plasma TV…why do a tiny TV like that when you can watch a screen that is 16 feet across?)  I had a bike setup for exercise down in the basement with an Xbox but I was pleased that she brought it up to the main entertainment and lounging area to make it more readily available. (Ashlie was NOT this girl…and so I’m eyeing you hun…you need more exercise as we recently discussed…so I’m looking at you, kid.)

Anyway, exercise is an important part of any sub’s life.  (Hell, it’s an important part of my life as Dom…with a minimum of 45 min biking a take and often weight training and other cardio too…but that’s just me 😉 )

But as a Dom, it’s important to take care of all your subs  and/or slave’s needs and that includes managing her physical fitness.

A sub needs to exercise because:

  1. Exercise  greatly reduces the amount of stress hormones she carries around
  2. Exercise  keeps her heart healthy
  3. Exercise  increases libido
  4. Exercise  help keep her firm, trim and fuckable
  5. Exercise generally improves her mood and disposition
  6. Exercise give me a way of measuring her progress
  7. Exercise gives her something to do when I need to give her a task
  8. Exercise increases her metabolism for days after she does it
  9. Exercise is kinda fun
  10. Exercise is the best for her when she plays video games — keeps her body occupied and healthy when her mind is busy
  11. I find sweaty, healthy girls hot
  12. Exercise gives her a post-workout glow

latex-exercisingSo girls exercising is the best…but working exercise into the regular leisure time of the house…is awesome.   Instead of couch potatoes, I’m gonna have fit-potat—wait…fit-celery…fuck that veggie word-play crashed and burned.

Anyway, setting up an exercise bike and arranging it so a laptop (or Xbox) can be used at the same time as she is riding — is all it takes to get your girl riding for hours a day.  Sure, she may get sweaty…but that is what showers are for.

Suggestions? Well, it may seem obvious to a pervert-like-myself but I’ll share in case there are some slow learners at the back of the classroom.   It’s important to keep exercise fun so replace that bike seat with a dildo or vibrator. Or alternatively, have a vibe inserted in her as she rides so she finds the workout stimulating.

Choice of attire is also important. Either naked, bikini or latex is the outfit of choice.  Lulumon is pretty sweet and ass-hugging…but that’s not quite kinky enough.

Also, if weights are used, be sure to use low weights and high reps.  (I do the opposite, ofc.) That  keeps her firm and toned…without adding to her size and bulk.

And the coup de grace? Make sure she has an ample water bottles that she’s chugging down as she works out.  Then, of course, she’ll have to cum before she’s allowed to pee. That’s the way it works in my house.

Check out this video:
Working out in Latex Catsuit


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