Living with Girls – the Bathroom

I love living with girls. I love having female energy around me. It makes me feel happy and balanced.

bathroom-drawingBut living with girls can have its disadvantages too. And today, on an extended visit to the bathroom I encountered a whole ton of them.

First off, I had to plunge the toilet.  The one who informed me that toilet was plugged tried and tried for half an hour and said she was getting callouses on her hands –but had no luck with unplugging it. She requested chemicals so she could unplug the toilet.  I said no. This was man’s work apparently.  It was gross — as it always is — but I had the toilet flushing in under two minutes.

I decided to put the toilet to good use…just to be sure. But wait, there was no toilet paper. Well, there was enough…but I’d just bought a big pack of 18 rolls and there was about 1/3 of a roll left! I know that the girls use more toilet paper than I do…but fuck…it always amazes me just how fast they can go through it. They’ve explained that I don’t have to wipe after I pee. But I’m still suspicious they are using them to dry off after a shower instead of towels.

So the girl that brought the toilet to my attention also mentioned that she’d noticed that the bathtub was draining slowly and suggested chemicals for that too.  Fuck chemicals and messing with the environment. Plus they are expensive and I’d have to go get them. So I got out a plastic hook configuration and fished the crap out of the drain. Well my God that was gross! I must have pulled a baseball sized glob of wet and disgusting hair out of the bathtub drain. It was a mix of long black and brown hair…none of it was mine.  Another hazard of living with girls.

hair-in-drainWhile I hunched over the tub, I noticed that some girl had gotten nail polish on the porcelain of the tub…obviously from doing her nails in the bath. It was a nice bright cherry red. I liked the colour…but not on my fucking white bathtub! Grrrr. Girls.

In throwing out the gigantic blob of sopping wet hair, I decided I didn’t want to look at it ever again so I emptied the bathroom garbage.  What was the garbage full of?  A mountain of tampons. Smell tampons at that. And soooo many too! Multiple girls all bleeding at the same time…adding even more pleasure to this bathroom experience.

So yeah, that was a couple minutes ago.  Living with girls. It’s mostly awesome…but none of that
bathroom experience would have happened if I was living with guys.  Then again, the bathroom would be messy as hell with dirt rings around the tub…


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