On Fake Squirting

I’ve read a bunch of posts by people saying that almost all squirting in porn is fake. The claims are that a) women can’t squirt in real life b) yes, women can squirt but that not kind of volume c) when women squirt it doesn’t gush out like you see in porn and finally, the old favorite d) it’s pee.  With regards to b and c the claim is the women have been filled up with water off camera.   I want to address these and to lay them to rest.  Squirting or ‘shejaculation’ is very real and I’m basing this entirely on real life experience with multiple women.

 a) women can’t squirt in real life 
So this claim is that squirting was invented by the porn industry to give women the equivalent

of a cum shot –which is great for the camera.  This is absolutely false.  The first time I made my (young, nubile and ever so slim and firm teen) girlfriend squirt neither of us had heard of it and had no idea what had happened.  I did know I was aroused as hell though.  (But then again, being a teen boy, I found taking off and landing airplanes would give me hardons too.)    But back then I’d never heard of squirting, female ejaculation and definitely not shejaculation.

Since that first experience, I’ve made lots of women squirt lots of times. I’ve seen it far too often and based on my real life experience — hands down, no question about it, women can squirt.   Send all the link you want about how squirting is fake and I still won’t believe you. Dogs bark. Women squirt. It’s part of life.

b) yes, women can squirt but that not kind of volume (it’s fake, they were filled with water)
Sure, women in porn can squirt a whole bunch.  But guess what? Women in real life can squirt that much or more too.   How do I know? I’ve seen it.  Even been in constant contact  with the girl (no pun intended) and I’m certain there was no bathroom water filling going on! ha ha.  Yeah, women can squirt tons! I’ve had a stack of 3 folded, thick bath towels get drenched with her female ejaculation and still the mattress underneath was soaked through.  I’ve had sex on an inflatable bed and there was enough liquid after to submerge my calf…I’m talking more than a gallon ofshejaculation shejaculate.

Can you fake it? Sure. Why not. Fill her up with water and pretend.  I’ve also heard they use fake cum from guys.  Yup, apparently a bit there are a bunch of fake semen recipes! (a new post on just that??) but Cetaphil and some water apparently works.

So if they are faking it for guys…which I can also assure you is real…then they might fake it for women.

But the short answer is…yes, real women do squirt that kind of volume.

c) women women squirt it doesn’t gush out like you see in porn (they’ve been filled with water)
Yes it does. Seen it.  I’ve seen a girl squirt 6 feet up in the air that splashed against a wall (or it

would’ve gone farther).   It floods out in a massive wave (sometimes ;).  It ain’t no little pee stream.  It’s a GUSH and if you don’t have your mouth open you can miss  a lot! (It still splashes all over your face…but that happens with your mouth open or shut.)

Now I did have sex with a skinny little thing that squirted out a small volume of thick white stuff — and it didn’t come out all that fast, far nor in the same volume as the clear variety….so that can happen too (never seen that in porn though.)

From the porn gushes I’ve seen…I’ve seen stuff like that in real life. So verdict: Not fake. Shejaculation is real and it gushes and squirts out.

 d) it’s pee.   
No. It’s not pee! I’ve had girls pee right beforehand. I’ve had girls pee lots after squirting tons.  Nope. It’s not pee.

I have seen some porn film where the girl pulls back, stops stimulation for a sec and then a normal stream of pee comes out.  Yeah, that is pee — but it looks to me like she’s peeing too.  Squirting looks different.

Now, not that there’s anything wrong with a girl peeing…I love that too and it’s super hot….but not something I encourage on my bed! (Squirt disappears as if by magic– no scent.  Pee…not so much.)

See my post on ‘the is it pee debate’ for more details.

Verdict: Not pee.

So while you can probably fake squirting for the camera — just like you can fake ejaculate semen for the camera…both a very very real and look a lot like what is portrayed.   Makes sense…I’m guessing that people in the porn industry have some experience with sex and know what it’s supposed to look like.  But that said, I think that most squirting and female ejaculation (as well as male)  in videos is real.

Totally irrelevant aside: As I went to write this, I put a coffee percolator on the stove…and decanted the worst cup of coffee ever! I took a pot of filtered water and freshly ground Starbucks beans and boiled the shit out of it till there was half a cup of brown, bitter coffee sludge. No amount of milk and sugar is gonna save this one :'(

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