Our Puritan Roots

hot-guy-with-chickenIn honour of the American Thanksgiving (see my Thanksgiving post here) I wanted to share my thoughts on our Puritan roots that’s made North American society so wonderfully sexually repressed.
Remember that it was just the 1922 when women were arrested for wearing 1 piece bathing suits that showed their legs!  See photo below from Chicago:
 Or back in 1963 Barbra Eden was forbidden to show her belly button on I Dream of Jeannie:
Meanwhile, youths with European roots (like myself — being of Danish descent but living in Canada) get exposed to magazines like Bravo.  Bravo is a teen magazine except, being European, it contains nudity and the sex advice has things like ‘the Bravo Technique’ where you lick your thumb and rub it on the head of the penis when giving a handjob (yes, this is complete with photos.)   Lol…North American would have a fit at kids being exposed to real and valuable sexual advise other than ‘abstain from sex until marriage or you’ll get STIs”

So enjoy your Thanksgiving …and remember what you are being thankful for with your puritan roots.


I wish this said, 50 Shades of Turkey


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