Rope Basics – Cow Hitch

Only for tying non-living things!

It’s been a bit a since I posted about rope –mainly ’cause I got all safety conscious –and started a bunch of rope safety posts which are still in the works.  So that said, make sure you play safe and review rope safety thoroughly before attempting to bind anyone — rope is far more dangerous than it appears.

So until I get the rope safety posts done — I’ll stick to the rope basics that are important, useful — but not at all dangerous. Actually…let’s call this one an ultra basic.

Now I’ll get on with knots that are either fast and easy or super useful as you can really tie some interesting things if you have the right set of knots in your vocabulary –but speed is always a factor.   One such speed ‘knot’ is a cow hitch (it’s so simple it barely qualifies as a knot. It is a cinching knot that is great and fast for attaching ropes to objects, rings, posts and poles.  But they don’t work limbs and any part of a slave at all — it is guaranteed to cut of circulation and cause discomfort and damage.  I repeat: NEVER USE ON A SLAVE.

This is for tying off a rope to an object like a bedpost only. It’s super fast. But the knot itself sucks and cinches like crazy.  But it is damn fast and that’s why I like it.

To tie a cow hitch, double up your rope so the ends are even and you are holding the middle where it turns back on itself. Lay the rope over the pole/bedpost and feed it through the looped end. Pull the rest of the rope through and you’re done.

1) lay your rope loop down and around the post
2) pull the rest of the rope through the loop.

Tying a Cow Hitch fast

This tying part takes about half a second and the longest part is feeding the rope through — which can take several more seconds if you have a long rope.  But the advantage here is it is extremely fast.

Here’s a wee animation I found but I couldn’t find good clip showing how fast and easy it is. This one shows how to do a cow hitch with one end of a rope– but it is 5 times faster using the middle of the rope — lol, I just tied it with one hand in 1 second using a rope loop. And no, that’s not based on talent –it’s around as difficult as holding a pencil.

But WOW! It took me forever to find some good examples (over 20 internet pages to find a cow hitch being tied how I like — fast!)  Most instructions look like this:

The slow way.

Quite honestly, if I were to take that much time, I’d use a round turn and two half hitches because it doesn’t slip or cinch.


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