Rope Basics — Larks Head

Probably the technique I use the most is the Lark’s Head.  It is, like the cow hitch, so simple it’s barely a knot. But it is super useful for bondage and used extensively when practicing Japanese Shibari. Shibari makes entensive use of doubled ropes. A doubled up rope is useful because it ‘uses up’ it’s length much faster and allows for easy banding and layering of the rope to distribute the pressure on across lots of skin instead of a single strand creating a big pressure point.

First off, you take your rope and fold into 2 even sections with a simple fold, called a bight, in the middle of the rope.  What I normally do is find both ends of the rope, hold them together and then follow them both out — keeping both ropes together — until I find the other end of the rope (the part with the bight…and this is the center of the rope.


Rope with a Bight at the center.










Larks head ‘knot’

To create a larks head, just feed the other end of your rope (the part with the two loose ends) through the bight and pull it through.

That’s it.

I told you it was simple.

As long as you have something or someone in between as you pull the rope it will catch and loop it.

I am still writing my multiple posts about rope safety so –for now, look up safety yourself  or wait till I’ve finished my post on rope safety. Rope is surprisingly dangerous in untrained hands and can easily cause all kinds of permanent damage.  So don’t tie someone up if you don’t know what you are doing or how to do it safely. Also, there are plenty of BDSM video out that use horrible technique –from dangerous to laughably non-functional. So just because you see it’s in a video don’t just assume it’s safe.

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