Slutty Halloween Costumes

sexy-halloweenThere’s nothing quite like Halloween for providing sluts a guilt free, slut-shaming free excuse to wear incredibly tarty outfits.  But I have to admit, from the sheer number of slutty costumes I’ve seen this Halloween, I suspect that the vast majority of girls really and truly desires to dress slutty!

But one ‘normal’ days they aren’t allowed to wear clothes that show off their best features — and it’s a crying shame. Now there are a lot of people saying, “Have slutty Halloween costumes gone to far?”  or, “Enough with the sexualization of women and girls.” Well, the answer to the first question is a loud and resounding, “NO!”    Sexy Halloween costumes are one of the best parts of the year –


This is really creative! I mean, could I ever envision turning Spongebob into something so…hot and awesome? Nope. She’s rocking it out though. Great costome!

– I only feel bad that it only lasts for a couple of days.   As for the sexualization of women…last I checked they were pretty damn sexual. It’s not like something is being ‘done’ to them…or that they are forced to only wear sexy outfits. Far from it. They choose to wear them because they look hot and sexy. OMG, do you think any girls ever get laid from their Halloween costumes? Worse, do you think that was what she was hoping?  Lol. Of course, it was.

I think a large part of the problem lies in the culture of women who often, straight up hate whores. I have no clear idea how this form of hate became so pervasive — but I’ve previously stated that I think it comes from roots of powerlessness where the only power some women had was sexual (in previous centuries) and it helped them get an keep a quality husband to take care of her.  If other girls were just giving sex away — it struck at the very root of her power.   That said, those social realities just don’t hold true anymore! And the hating of a woman for being openly sexual makes no damn sense at all.   It is as if it became socially acceptable to degrade, shame and abuse people because they were happy and healthy.  *shakes head*

Guys should wear sexy costumes too?

One argument is that is unfair that girls “have to” dress up


Borat — a perfect example of what happens when
guys try to be sexy.

sexy but guys don’t. First, no one is putting a gun to their heads. Second, when guys try to be sexy, it all too often goes really really wrong. Guys are, in my opinion, either sexy or not. But it’s not something that can be forced.

But the most attractive guys should definitely be hot outfits. I’m all in favor of that. I’m just hesitant at the prospect of being stuck at a party with some guys that are all too awkward in their not hot but revealing clothing. I’m just saying.

Judgement Free
I’m not saying that women have to dress up sexy or that they should value themselves based solely on their appearance — women can offer so much more than than sex appeal that these kinds of statements seem like a joke. But IF a women chooses to dress up in a skimpy and revealing bit of clothing, I take offence to attacking her for it! She is either showing off her confident and empowered self which deserves applause. Or maybe she’s got low self esteem…and applause doesn’t hurt here either.

There can be all sorts of reasons why she dresses up sexy — and it’s not my place to judge her.

Maybe I’m coming too much from the perspective of the fetish community where the girls I’ve spoken with genuinely get off on dressing up and love doing it. Well, if they love doing it then — fuck yeah! Do what you love.

But I’m not buying this so called feminist notion that women shouldn’t  dress up sexy because they are being exploited– that they are being seen as sex object and this is inherently wrong. No. Women are sexual. Men are sexual. Humans as a species are extremely sexual. Denying this simple fact is denying a woman a powerful aspect of herself. Even if she doesn’t get laid she can be labelled as a slut –for…trying to get laid? The whole concept is sickening.

So for one night a year, it’s totally a free-for-all where women are completely free to wear whatever slutty gimmick they can dream up…and no one will say a goddamn thing. And guys seem to know that on this night — it’s not necessarily invitation to touch.  Now we just have to work on the other 364 days –for both sexes.


So you might as well enjoy it.


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