What to get me for Christmas

ho-ho-ho-slutsNow a sexpet asked me recently what she should get me for Christmas.  She stated that last year she gave me an Xbox 360 and games (which freakin’ rocked) but she was worried that she couldn’t get something as good this year. :-/

So I thought I’d make a list to make it easy on the girl-folk for Christmas presents:

First off, I want you to try to make every gift sex based. That’s what I want from you and Christmas is no different except for an opportunity to take it up a notch.  This also goes for gifts you give each other. So good gifts to give each other — or to cum from Santa — would be:


  • a rabbit vibrator
  • another Magic Wand that was formerly named Hitachi
  • several different sized silicon butt plugs
  • thigh high boots
  • an order of sex clothing from Intimates21
  • Special K
As for items to get me:
  • an astounding amount of porn pictures (like 10000+) of my favorite kinds of photos
  • some really special photo that are the most rare and hot that you know I’ll love the most of any kind of photo (hint: you can use Tor to find them or you can take them yourselves! …note: one hint may be red herring 😉  )
  • Max Hardcore videos
  • Anal Acrobat movies
    • pee shows
    • bi-hourly orgasms (2 an hour, not every two hours!)
    • christmas-stockingsbeing 100% devoted to the sexual arts all Christmas vacation ensuring hourly or very


    • pee shows while you orgasm
    • massages
    • insisting on eating food only off of/from inside a body part
    • threesomes
  • Additionally, could consider:
    • more photos of yourselves doing terrible and nasty things –a series even…because I’m kinda slow and don’t get it unless it’s spelled out for me
    • tickets to a fetish party
    • arranging surprise sex with a cutie — or even having me watch?
    • a glass of your cum everyday with dinner without me having to ask
    • walking me up every morning with a group BJ (and coffee)
    • a Sybian (yeah, hope you’ve been saving up!)
  • You might also consider some non-sex related stuff if you must:
    • 2x account stash stones (if they go on sale *crosses fingers) and some fast wings (yeah yeah, it’s more geek related than sex related…fucking deal with it
    • giving back to the world by volunteering at a runaway shelter
    • coffee beans from Starbucks
    • Via from Starbucks (those are goddamn handy for rushed mornings)
    • something funny that I would never get myself like a membership to Asiandating.com or ThaiLovelinks.com (or some such site) so we can all have fun trolling the Asian girls together bahahaha. *evil grins*  (unleash your inner troll.)
    • a couple bottle of ouzo and your services mixing me drinks
    • omg some sherri to drink out of your ass (you’re the cup)…wait..I went back to the sexual
    • drugs to knock you out and make you floppy so I can sleep-creep you and violate you

      while you are defenseless (ha ha, I know one of you loves that one 😉  )

    • Some sex stories that you’ve written just for my enjoyment
    • $300 for that male birth control method we’ve talked about (meaning I can cum in your sweet, tight little pussies)
    • Update the slave contract and sign it…but making sure that changes are made towards the much more perverted than it stood previously…and we’ll review it and sign it on Christmas Day. <3
So there you have. But the real answer is…you don’t have to get me anything. You being my loyal


property is the best gift you could ever give me. You’ve given me everything and all you have. That is enough. You’re continued devotion as a sex slave is all this guy ever wants and I don’t want you to feel like you need to get me anything that deviates from your primary purpose in life ever.  That what you are best at and that’s why I love you.
Now it’s your turn. Let me know what YOU want for Christmas. Feel free to make your list as perverted as possible.

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