Free the Nipple!


Free the Nipple activists

I mentioned a few days ago my plan to do a Sex and the Law post on toplessness…but a friend (and kink activist) sent me a link to this post on Free the Nipple which is more timely so I’m supporting it:

(as I write this the campaign has raised a little less than $27K of their $250k goal — and has a meager 95 shares on google plus… so please share it, people.)

OMG! Look closely…her nipples are still censored!!

Basically, it is crowdsourcing the fundraising to a very worthy cause: freeing the nipple and decriminalizing the female body.  Specifically, it is providing funding for a movie on political activists who are working to free the nipple.


Now why free the nipple?  Because violence is incredibly common and easy to view in our


they are not that different

mainstream media but a woman who is topless on a beach gets arrested??? Huh??? As a man, I have completely legal nipples that can be shown when and how I please and nobody says too much.  But women? Gooooooooood LORD! If a woman were to show me her nipple…I think I would be severely psychologically scarred for life — she must be stopped and put behind bars. :o)

Truthfully, I believe that making nipples illegal is a symptom of our incredibly sexually repressed society and it one of many things we need to change. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why a woman’s nipples are banned from TV, Facebook, YouTube and as well as from beaches, swimming pools and anywhere else a man can appear topless.
Let’s give women the right to be topless.  I’m not saying all women MUST be topless…I’m saying all women should have the right, if they so choose. Let’s change the laws. Let us embrace equality.

And apparently, Miley Cyrus is getting involved too! Here’s a link to a video that, at the time of this posting, has less than 100 views. :-/ C’mon people! Link and share!

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