My Kitten Surprised Me Today

drawing-eggs-breakfastMy sexkitten Ashlie took me out for a wonderful Christmas holidays brunch today. I had a pulled pork tostada which was to die for…and a bloody Cesar as my kitten suggested it.  She had salmon eggs Benedict (known as Eggs Copenhagen after the capital city of my people), a salad and a spicy Cesar.

When we arrived home again, I was worried that my girl had eaten too much. So I took my slave and, grabbing her by the hair, I led her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I made her strip naked except for her tiny little stretchy purple top and stand in the bathtub.  I did like the top she was wearing so I let her keep it on.  It was the kind of top that if she pulled it down low, it looked like a tight little slutty dress with spaghetti straps. I was ready to abuse her.

I took off my clothes and pushed her to her knees.  I then took my hard cock and inserted it into her blowjob-slobbermouth. She had her hair in a ponytail which served nicely as handle for mouth fucking her. I fucked her mouth hard and fast and she even bit down a little to prevent me from going too deep. Angered by this a slapped her cheeks while twisting her nipples until she gave a little girl squeal. (note: fuck I love that squeal! It sounds so cute and yet helpless…it make me want to inflict pain just to hear it.)  Struggling to take make cock is one of her jobs.

drooling-girl-blowjobWith renewed determination, I forced my thick, hard cock deep down her throat. I fucked her mouth deep and hard and when she started to gag I slammed deep into her throat so she puked all over the place. Salad and eggs coated my balls and legs as she looked up at me to gauge my response…not knowing if I`d be upset that she had thrown up during a blowjob.

I kept throat fucking her and decided she needed some lubrication to help get more of her brunch out of her.  Still rock hard, I started to piss in her mouth and as she tried to swallow, I forced my still pissing cock down the back of her throat and pissed deep into her. She struggled to swallow, to gag, to try and keep my piss inside of her — and did a good job.  She swallowed it all.

As a reward, I bent her over the side of the bathtub so her head and chest were hanging out of the bathtub and I took my cock that was super slippery from her puke still and took her in the ass.  I fucked her ass as she moaned and struggled with her uncomfortable position.

In truth, it was a difficult position for me to fuck her in as the bathtub was slippery from her puke and my feet kept sliding. So I put more weight on her and fucked her hard and fast.

When I was near cumming, I pulled out of her ass and pulled her face back on my cock.  Slipping her assvomit-blowjob juices into her mouth via my cock, I let her savor the flavors. Then I mouth fucked her hard, using both hands to force my cock into her throat.  She rewarded my efforts with a massive fountain of puke. I pulled back to let it rain down at my feet and then quickly slammed out another wave.  Ashlie puked and puke, covering herself in her vomit as the entire bottom of the tub was covered in salad, salmon, eggs and my piss. She must have puked a good 8 times till she was dry heaving on my cock.

I then pushed her back and made her open her mouth so I could rinse her mouth out with more of my piss.

piss-drinking-slutShe then eagerly jerked me off with her puke being the best lube ever (it really is!)  She sat there, on her knees with her mouth wide open — visually begging for my cum. Seeing such devotion pushed me over the edge and I filled her mouth with a massive white load of semen.

After regaining my wits (I have no wits whatsoever while cumming…I just abandon myself to the experience) we started some water and rinsed all the vomit down the drain (and I had to poke the bits around to make it go down…kinda gross.)

Following that, we drew a bathtub and bathed in a relaxing afternoon bath.

As I cuddled her in the bath, I asked her how hard that experience was for her, on a scale of 1 to 10. And my devoted little slut surprised me with her answer, `I dunno. A 3 or 4 maybe.`  That`s one of the many reasons I love her: what many girls would consider an extreme puke blowjob…she rates as a 3-4 out of 10.

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