Puking Kittens

This happened several months ago but I think I’ll share:
lesbians-drinking-piss-drunk-carAfter a wild night of gratuitous drinking and general hedonism worthy of a post of its own, I found myself awakening the next morning with Ashlie on one side and Special K on the other.  That’s what nice big, soft, fluffy beds are for. (Ashlie was somehow cuddling her pink bunny Sloppy — which she must have brought into my room as I never knowingly allow Sloppy into my room after seeing how he constantly messes her room up.)
Knowing that I needed to re-hydrate myself and the kittens, I commenced operation Get-us-some-damn-coffee which was sneakily labeled as the only phase one of the plan which involved caffeine.    Coffee came with a large glass of water…followed 15 minutes later by another.  I set my timer so every 1/2 hour Special K would get us all a new water refill.
Soon, Ashlie was squirming in her characteristic way that lets me know she really needs to pee. I remained silent.  Then Special K started looking water-logged as well. Good. It was time to move bathtub-slut-pissed-onthem to the bathroom as I really needed a bath and a urinal as well.  I had Ashlie draw a bath and then get in it make sure the water was fine.  I had her keep her bra on…as I like wet bras and her perfect little boobs looks so good with a frame.  Then I stood over her and let loose a torrent of piss into her waiting mouth.  (Actually, she got me hard first by blowing me  — and Special K, sensing an opportunity immediately starting touching her cute, hairless little-Asian-lady-bits.  I pissed and soaked Ashlie’s face, hair, bra and chest as I pissed through my morning hard on.  Luckily for Ashlie, I was apparently well on the way to re-hydration and it was almost clear despite all the booze the night before.
Now Ashlie was squeezing her thighs together in an attempt to hold back her own flow until I gave the command. I knew that she and Special K both needed to pee badly — but Ashlie had just drank a whole bunch more so her need was probably greatest: so Special K would go first. 😉
I arranged Special K over Ashlie and had them both masturbate — as no girl should pee without cumming first, am I right? Both girls were now looking at each other while wildly rubbing their clits.  I told Ashlie she should cum as soon as she tasted Special K’s piss. Special K loves seeing that and upon hearing my orders immediately went over the edge right there and came in a shuddering orgasm. I grabbed K’s hair and said, “Now piss in your slave sister’s mouth. Do it as fast as you can.”
A flow of piss arched over Ashlie and into her awaiting mouth. As soon as the piss landed upon her tongue the little slut moaned out an orgasm. Ashlie desperately tried to catch all of K’s piss with girl-peeing-on-girls-mouthher mouth as she does hate to miss any.
Ashlie was now double filled with piss and I knew her bladder was aching from the way she wiggled and squeezed her legs together. So I reversed their positions so Ashlie was now above Special K’s awaiting tongue. Hornier now than when they started, they kept touching their moist pussies until they both came and Ashlie looked to me for the nod to allow her to finally relieve herself.
As soon as I nodded, a massive wave of piss began soaking Special K as she greedily swallowed every drop she could get.
But I wanted to make my little girls share a more intimate experience.
So I asked Ashlie if she was sad that she didn’t get to drink her own pee. Of course, my little slut said, “I wish I could have drank my own piss for you Master.”
“Oh, then you shall. Sit down.”
Ashlie sat back down in the tub as I maneuvered Special K over her. “Open your mouth and get ready to swallow. And DON’T STOP TOUCHING YOURSELVES.”  I then forced my fingers deep fingers-in-throat-puke-mouthinside K’s mouth.  I felt the warm of her mouth…I felt her teeth on the sides of my fingers and I felt the folds of skin on the otherwise smooth back of her throat.  Soon, Special K gagged on my fingers in her throat. She rewarded me with a warm wash of piss-laden-puke all over my hand as it rushed on its journey into Ashlie’s sluthole.
Ashlie, being a first class slut, eagerly swallowed all of her slave sister’s energy while the rest soaked her face and hair with piss and vomit.  She swallowed quickly and reopened her mouth for the next wave. I could tell this horny little slut loved drinking so intimately from her lesbian slave sister.
Grabbing this slime-covered-whore, I pulled her over the recovering Special K who looked at me with eyes begging me not to make her repeat the puke swallowing actions of her slutty slave sister.  That look alone made me rock hard.  Of course, I would show her mercy. I would let her watch a wonderful blowjob instead while she licked my balls.  Why waste the fear of waiting by quickly forcing her to do it when she could dread her vomit-drinking-duties for much longer?
I told her I wanted her to drink as much puke as possible as Ashlie’s puke was full of my piss and she had a duty to consume as much of my energy as possible…no matter what the source. Ashlie blew me like a pro and got me right to the edge. Sensing that, she did one of her magical mouth tricks and pushed me over the edge before I could pull out… so I grabbed her head and slammed my cock deep down her throat and came so hard I saw stars.
Ashlie tried to hold it back and made a noble effort too…but eventually my cock in her throat made her gag and puke on my cock…so I pulled out and Ash puked powerfully all over Special K. Not puke-covered-slutswanting the girls to lose any of my cum, I forced their faces together and they locked in a French kiss that allowed them to swap puke, Ash’s piss, my piss, K’s piss and my cum all in one! Their mouths full, I ordered them not to swallow but to swap the mixture back and forth with their tongues as they continued to kiss.
Special K then looked at me with panic and then suddenly started to puke straight in Ash’s mouth that was locked on hers. So I declared Ash the winner who got to swallow it all.

Ash needed to pee again at this point so I took the dog bowl that was on the bathroom floor and vomit-bowl-dumped-on-headmade Special K hold it under Ash as she fingered her to make it as difficult as possible for Ash to pee.  Ash came than then pissed all over K’s hand that was playing with her pussy…and filled the dog bowl nicely.

For cumming in second, Special K got to have a bowl of Ash’s piss dumped on her face while she came once again for me.
So now it was time to wash the kittens off with the shower head and then we all went back to bed for a little post-hedonistic-afternoon nap.


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