Sasha Grey

pornstar-in-glassesOne of my favorite porn stars is Sasha Grey. I like her for a lot of reasons…she is highly intelligent, sex-positive, ambitious, kinky-as-fuck and on top of all that: she’s got a smokin’ body and beautiful little tits that rock the planet (not to mention a smirky-smile that makes me weak).  So if you don’t know of her…allow me to introduce you.

Sasha Grey was born March 14, 1988 under the name Marina.  That makes her about 25. She’s 5’6 and listed as 110 lbs. Now the main thing that makes her awesome is her brain.  She’s a smart one…and unlike most porn stars, the more I see of her acting like a normal human being– the hotter she gets.  I think this chick is actually cool. (Note: most porn stars I want to say, “No no honey, please don’t speak…you’re ruining it.”) But Sasha can speak all she wants because she’s got something to say.  Seriously.  She’s in film now…so, for example, if she couldn’t speak intelligently on a filmmaker like Akira Kurosawa I’d eat my own ass. And how many porn stars actually graduated a year early from High School?

Sasha butted heads with Howard Stern (a man who has never

Cooler than Howard Stern

particularly impressed me in any way)
So…points for her!  When that curmudgeon found out that she had the nerve to have ‘an agenda’ Howard was all, “What a genius. I’m going to sit there an listen to this. Please. Just tell me how much cock you can suck and how far you can swallow a hot dog. That’s what I want to know. I mean, really.”  Which is extremely offensive to me, to be honest. Come on Howard Stern! You’re such a fucking tool if you are trying to take girls who openly express their sexuality and reduce them to ‘hot dog swallowers.”   I mean seriously…what is sexier? A vacuous near retard with big tits that will do anything you ask her…or an intelligent firecracker who happens to be damn skilled at fucking??

And Sasha is a firecracker too. She’s the next voice of liberated female sexuality if you asked me. She’s just 25 so give her some time to mature and find her voice…but she’s well onsasha-grey-fist that road. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say after 5 more years of thinking about it — and bouncing ideas around with others. But she’s openly bisexual –which is great because I can’t really related to 100% straight or 100% gay girls…and here’s to keeping your options open!

She’s sex positive and I think she’d fully agree with my viewpoint that sluts are the goddamn
best women in the world but you can’t try to limit them, possess them and you should never ever try to slut-shame them.  Women should own their sexuality and be empowered by it.  It’s time for a revolution where we finally say, “Women are sex goddesses…fucking deal with it already and stop trying to limit them into some bullshit box that doesn’t fit.”

hot-naked-sasha-greyFor example, look at Sasha in any film she’s in. Is she ‘playing’ what she hopes to be sexy and seeking guys approval? Not at all.  She’s just being herself. Sure, she plays it up for the camera, no doubt…but you can tell she’s being real. And being real…is so much hotter than the long-nailed horrors that ‘ooooh ooohhh ooooooh” for the camera like the goddamn morons that they are.  (Whoops, am I being to harsh on standard porn star?)

Sasha’s speaks directly to the ageism in porn too…where actresses have an extremely limited lifespan where male actors….not so much.  But is it true that only an 18-19 year old can be sexy? Have you sat down and talked with some of them? It’s a gawd-awful-anti-Viagra.  Sure, I can and have Dommed some younger girls — but all of them have been able to hold their own in a conversation and were the exception rather than the rule.  So why is it we only show them in porn?

And worse, we have the nerve to tell girls to augment their breasts??? Are you kidding me? That’s

awful. Hmmm…I’m kinda ranting here and


Feminist and far more hardcore than you!

projecting a bit on Sasha at the same time based on the stuff I’ve been able to find from her today.

So one thing that makes Sasha fantastic is she’s done porn and then moved on to do other more ‘mainstream’ stuff (like porn isn’t mainstream??) like acting, writing and DJing. But guess what? She’s not said she’s stopping porn because…why the fuck should she???   And hence, the reason she’s going to be different.  She gets it and is directly challenging societal molds. She’s reminds me a Madonna somehow…a real maverick — except she’s a lot smarter than Madonna.

A favorite quote:

 ‘I don’t need to see genitalia up close; I don’t need to see a dirty yellow couch against a white wall. I want to see something different, like this is not exciting to me.’

Yeaaaaah! I mean really… every girl I’ve seriously dated has expressed a desire to ‘hot and sexy porn’ that’s not like that mentioned above nor so BS story porn that is uninspired and as water-down as it is unsexy.  Surely I’m not the only guy out there to think, “Wow…this porn is really boring.”  So I say the world needs a creative visionary like Sasha to show them how it’s done.

And the girl can act too.  Check her out in Steven Soderbergh‘s The Girlfriend Experience.  A very
cool thing about this film was it was improv-based — a style that’s extremely difficult for actresses without the chops to pull off (and it certainly helps to have life experience and insight too!)   Her performance was impressive and you can see she’s portraying a woman that’s open to her customers and yet still guarded…not an easy thing to pull off.

She’s also played in HBO’s Entourage  playing a fictionalized version of herself and in Canada’s own Smashcut. Most recently she’s done, The Girl with the Naked Eye (2012) and Skinny Dip in 2013.  These a just a few of her acting credits…check out IMDB for the latest on her acting career.   That said, the roles she’s gotten have been ok…but I think she’s needs a role that brings out her fiery sexuality— a BDSM Mistress in some Sci-Fi world perhaps? Something she can pull off while really showing who she is inside…now that would be something truly great to see.

The most promising role I stumbled across was Inferno: the Linda Lovelace Story. Now that could be interesting…I just am scared of the 70’s bush potential.

sasha-grey-spinning-recordsYeah, of course she spins.  She’s released an EP  aVigillant Carpark in 2009 and does DJ gigs
travelling around North America because…yeah, she’s awesome. *drools*

Like Madonna, she released a photobook sasha-grey-awardcalled Neü Sex in 2009 which I haven’t been able to find as
of yet…the only photos I’ve seen of her are from her twitter account…but she seems to have an eye for it.

Then she released an erotic novel,  The Juliette Society this year (2013) and I really want to get my hands on that as well– although knowing that a person is opinionated and outspoken…doesn’t exactly make them a good writer so we shall see.

sasha-grey-in-jean-shortsPORN STAR
Yeah, she’s a porn star, for certain…she’s done over 250 films and was great at it. She did officially announce her retirement from porn on April 8, 2011 but…well see how long that lasts.

I’d like to see be the first person to successfully balance a mainstream life who also happens to do porn…now that’s a strong statement.

I should and will do a post just on her porn…but that will take more research 😉    Till then, she’s top porn awards like AVN’s Best 3-Way Scene, Best Group Scene, Best Oral Sex and Female Performer of the Year.  So I’m going to put it out there that she’s good in bed too.

Now Sasha had the nerve to actually want to read to school children! I mean, what kind of monster is she?? Does she actually believe that children should read for themselves?


Now parents got upset because someone who has actually had sex was going to be reading to children. None of the parents admitted to having sex and were shocked that woman who could do such a terrible thing would also want to corrupt children into a life of reading.  Some postulated that this is just the first step and she may plan to encourage children to write as well.

So what’s next for Sasha Grey in 2014. Well, there’s Inferno: the Linda Lovelace Story. And she’s also working on a book on the philosophy of sex…which could be a really interesting read and she should totally steal ideas from my blog here to make her book better.  I’d also like to see her become a spokesperson for the Slutwalk campaign and get an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



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