Sex and the Law: Homosexuality and Anal Sex


Criminals or Intimate?

This is a series of controversial topics involving sex and the law.  This one is on sexual harassment and unwanted contact. This series may challenge your system of values. If you disagree with me…let me know why and tell me if there is something I completely missed — maybe I’ll reverse my opinion when this new bit of insight comes to light.

Also note: I am arguing from the perspective of devil’s advocate. I recognize that the things I am saying challenge societal norms and I because I am putting the ideas forward does not mean I practice nor wish to practice the things discussed.  So if I argue in favor of bestiality, don’t take it as me expressing an urge to sex with goats: I’m just looking at things from a different angle.

Greeks and Romans
So let’s talk about homosexuality and anal sex.  Homosexuality is something that is actually criminal
in many countries.  In ancient Greek and Roman times, the terms and concepts of homosexual and heterosexual didn’t actually have a direct meaning/translation and were not considered categories of sexuality. While it was considered illegal to rape a male citizen…homosexual acts were commonplace and as long as the male was doing the penetrating there was no lack of status whatsoever…so long as you we sticking it to someone of a lower class than you (so it was always ok to fuck any slave’s ass that pleased you…just as it should be.)

Japan and the Samurai
In feudal Japan, same sex love was part the samurai warrior culture and if a boy in training agreed to it…he was expected to be the one to make the first move. Yes, I’ll say it again, the Samurai loved young boys. Deal with it. There were even  same sex ‘brotherhood contracts’ where they agreed not to take other lovers. And this was all viewed from a particularly positive standpoint.  They even gave it a really easy name to remember: bi-do (the beautiful way.)

Death Penalty
Now homosexual activity has been legal in my country (Canada) since before I was born. It was made legal in 1969 (the summer of love 🙂  )  But keep in mind it was punishable by death up until 1869 in Canada….just like it currently is in Maldives, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, Nigeria, Mauritania, and Sudan you can be killed for homosexual sex acts: that is legally…the courts convict you of having homosexual sex and kill you.  Some of these countries it’s just men that can die this way…but others are more equal opportunity and kill lesbians as well.

Homosexuality Laws Around the World
But the death penalty (which is totally overkill, if you asked me) is just the tip of the iceberg.  Homosexual acts are illegal in 70 of the 195 countries in the world.  That’s 36% or more than 1 in every 3 countries!


Sex and the Law: Homosexuality and Anal Sex 1

Henry VIII and Buggery
In 1533 Henry VIII introduced the Buggery Act of 1533 as the first official outlawing of anal sex in the West. Now buggery encompasses both anal sex and sex with animals…implying somehow that they are pretty much the same thing.   So you could be hung for either until the law was removed in 1861.

Where I Stand
Now my opinion on this is: if there is no damn victim, then there’s no damn crime! People should retarded. There is all kinds of evidence of same sex behaviors in animals so the old, ‘it is unnatural’ argument is baseless…but even if animals didn’t enjoy same sex relations…so what? I couldn’t give a rats ass about…a rat enjoying some ass. I’m not going to base my enjoyment on the choices of lizards and kangaroos.  People should be allowed to fuck whomever they want — so long as all parties consent.
be allowed to consent to and enjoy anything they please and throwing them in jail is bloody

In fact, I find it morally repulsive to impose laws against any form of sexual act or behavior amongst consenting parties.  Men should have full freedom to fuck any guy they want, however they want.  Women should, of course, be allowed to fuck girl that gets her wet too.

Anal Sex
Now I come to a particularly absurd part of Canadian Law.  The age of consent in Canada is 16 meaning any 16 year old is deemed old enough to decide whom they want to fuck — except, of course, A) if there is a camera present and B) anal sex. Yes, you must be 18 in Canada to consent to anal sex! This is not only one of the stupidest laws I’ve ever heard of but it’s offensively biased against homosexual males.  I dare say, Canadian lawmakers got it ass backwards.

But wait there’s more! Anal sex is the only sexual act defined in Canada that is illegal if more an 2 people are present! I shit you not. Anal sex is only legal in Canada if there are 2 participants present — no one can witness this.  Anal sex during a 3-some? Illegal.  Anal sex at an orgy? Definitely out.

You cannot even council a LGBT teen on anal sex legally because…well, it’s illegal. I have no other reason. Of course, discussing sex anal with someone with someone under 18 may result in preventing of sexually transmitted infections and them having a positive relationship with their own sexuality…but the courts know best, right? Ummm….no…we gotta change this law before it causes any more damage.

Canada should try to catch up to the French laws which struck down all sodomy laws in 1791.

I’ve already done a post on Russia, Gays and the Olympics here.  I think that was my first political, non-BDSM post perhaps…though I do enjoy expressing my opinion.

Lesbians and the Law

I love this symbol. Equality. It’s not about
being gay or straight or bi…it’s about equal rights.

Gay Marriage
Yes, homosexual people should be allowed to marry whomever they want. Duh. This seems so
obvious to me as heterosexual marriage. The very first time I heard of this as an ‘issue’ I was like, ‘that’s dumb. This should take about 2 seconds to sort out” but apparently it’s much more complicated than I imagined so perhaps I’m not the most qualified to discuss it.

Homosexual Rights within American Law
If you want to read more about the specifics of homosexual rights within the laws of the United
States of America…check out this book:
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples. It’s written by attorneys Dennis Clifford, Emily Doskow and Frederick Hertz.


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