The Consistency of Cum


The pearl necklace you can wear all the time!! Somehow I
don’t think this would be a well-received gift. :-/

Let’s talk about sperm.  Have you ever noticed that sperm changes consistency?  It’s a standard timeline and if you haven’t noticed this…allow me to explain how and when male ejaculate changes.

Now first off, male cum comes in a variety of volumes and thicknesses. It’s generally white, fairly thick and sticky when it first comes out.  Typically males produce 1-2 teaspoons of semen each time they ejaculate with an upper limit around 4 teaspoons.  Now the actual volume changes from load to load.  Obviously, if you’ve cum twice before that day, you are going to shoot a lot less.  Interestingly, if you perceive there is direct competition for the female (say in a threesome??) then your load will be significantly larger.  Why? Because your body senses the need to produce more volume and therefore more sperm to increase your odds of impregnating the girl.   Last thought on this…what happens at orgies of gay men? Does this effect get transferred?

Ok, so you’ve shot your load. What happens?

Right as you cum and ejaculate, your cum is thick

Sexy looking sperm

and sticky.  Why? Two reasons. Thick cum can
be shot out farther. The idea is to shoot your semen as far as possible so it goes deep up the girl in order to impregnate her. It also is thick so it won’t leak out of her vagina immediately after sex.  The cum is also sticky so it will stay on whatever it hits…this is your body assuming that you are at least looking at and aiming at pussy.   But I’m sure this reproductive strategy also has worked countless times by getting the cum on a girl’s face or tits or stomach and then she touches it and then touches her pussy — transferring that sticky sperm to the right spot.


After about 1-2 minutes, the semen goes extremely watery.  The colour changes from white to
almost clear and it loses all thickness and becomes a runny, water-like fluid. It’s still kinda sticky…but much less so.  This stage happens so the sperm can now race towards the egg.  The assumption is the semen is somewhere in the right neighborhood (and not in a Kleenex, a stomach or an anus) and now it goes into speed mode.  The semen becomes fluid so the sperm can race quickly around in it to try and find that elusive egg — and fast!


The final stage, the semen thickens up again. This is


“Mission Accomplished!” (and just like Iraq,
there may be a little bit more to do.)

mostly observed in the presence of air…the
sperm thickens up after about 5-10 minutes and loses its watery consistency.  I’m going to hypothesize that the sperm thickens up to block other competing sperm from entering the Fallopian tubes after your boys have gotten in there first.  Sperm was designed to be competitive and there are blocker sperm and killer sperm as well as runner sperm (runner sperm are the sprinters that sprint towards the egg.)  Sperm is competitive.  Why? Because biology accepts something that society denies: that women are sluts.  Women can and do enjoy being fucked by more than one guy a day and this occurs with such frequency that our basic reproductive biology is designed around it. So being a slut is natural and expected.

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