How to get Laid

I see guys doing this whole, “I am a nice guy” dance I kinda scratch mymake-girls-laugh head at it.  Being nice doesn’t get you laid.  You know what does? Being fun, spontaneous and interesting.  Demonstrate some skill via something you are passionate about. But hoping she’ll take pity on you because you are nice…that’s a flawed strategy.

Of course you can look at guides and stuff online about how to seduce girls but again, you’re missing the fun and spontaneous aspect (do you really want to seduce a girl via robot like tactics? How fun is that?)  And she is extremely sensitive to that kind of crap so as soon as she picks on on you being inconsistent with what you are saying, she’ll be outta there.

Sex is not a reward. It’s not an end game. It’s a fun thing that you can do. So when it feels right, do it. Be bold, take a risk and do it.  When? When it feels right. When it feels like that would be the best, fun thing to do next. Don’t build it up in your head as some kind of fancy reward…it isn’t.  The best way I’ve found to get laid is not give a shit about getting laid. It will happen when it happens. And girls who pick up on that…help make it happen.

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