Is 1.25 hours a Quickie?

anal-butt-spreadI barely had any time with Ashlie today…2 hours max. And I spent a good 1 1/4 of them fucking her sweet, sexy little ass.  Actually, that’s not entirely true. I also fucked her filthy mouth. And I pissed in her mouth twice. So overall, we spent some quality time together.

While I was fucking her, she begged me to get her a new slave sister — one that she could help train to be a pain slut. She told me that she also wanted to train her to squirt for me so that she could have me come home to wonderful fresh glasses of her female ejaculate.

I have to give Ashlie credit, she does know how to beg. But I am also suspicious that she was trying to make me cum in her ass with the filthy words she was using. That and her touching herself so she came hard on my cock for me. Seeing her cum is so wonderful <3

It felt so goddamn good to fuck her ass this fucked-assafternoon. It was so smooth and perfect– and my cock was raging hard for her (like always.)  Ashlie also showed me a pretty hardcore site that she’d found — because you know,  porn is always a good addition to any fuck session.

I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to fuck her pussy today but, melt my heart, when I mentioned it Ashlie said, “Oh no Master! I am much too young for that! Please just keep fucking my ass.”   Sometimes it’s hard not just to shoot my load deep up inside of her.

In the end, we both had to run but that was definitely a shorter fuck session for us…is it wrong to call that a quickie?

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