Rechargable Epilator

One particularly annoyance of mine is having a kittenwahl-hair-remover not properly groom herself — specifically leaving some hair behind.  This should be punished to ensure there are no further infractions. But how do you punish her?

One particular appropriate punishment is using an electric epilator.  This is an evil device that rotates
and pulls the hair out at the roots…and it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.  It kinda reminds be of using a violet wand. Anyway, I think it best to let the punishment fit the crime– and it removes the hair at the same time.

One note: this works best if she is accustomed to shaving.  If she waxes regularly, the pain from using the epilator (or using the epilator frequently) considerably reduces the amount of pain this device inflicts. But in the short term, it’s a fun toy that is effective at yanking her hair out by the roots.

If you want one, they are currently on sale at Factory Direct for $19. It’s a Wahl…and they did make a really great vibrator a few years back so they may make a decent diplilator too.  And considering that most girls I’ve mentioned this item to consider it a torture device…it seems like a bargain bondage toy –the perfect addition to your bondage equipment drawer.


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