She begged me to piss in all her holes

man-pulling-woman-hairShe awaited my arrival on the porch.

I grabbed her by the hair as I reached her and led her by it into the house.

Have you cum for me today?

“Yes, Master.”

How many times?

“I came 30 times to lesbian porn, Master, and then another 6 times when I needed to pee for you.”

There is something about a slave showing her devotion to me by cumming for me that I find to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.  Knowing this little slut was addicted to cumming like a sex-crazed nympho made my heart soar and take such pride in the training job I’d done with her.

Are you finished cumming for today?

OMG no Master! Please, may I cum more and more for you? You haven’t even used your slave’s holes as of yet today.”

It was true. I had just come home and I had to satisfy my appetite.

And what did you cum to today, when you were touching yourself?

I was already hard, having her pulled tight to my chest and holding her firmly by her long hair. Hearing her tell me about her masturbation sessions made me want to rip her clothes off.

“I came while looking at thin little girls and imagining licking their asses for you while you fucked all my holes.”

You want me to fuck every one of your holes?

“Oh yes, Master! Please, fuck each and every hole of mine. If it would please you, please fuck my mouth, my ass and my pussy….and I thought of other things to today, as I came.”

And what was that?

I thought of you fucking each of my holes and pissing in them too. Please Master, would you like to piss in every one of my holes?”

I yanked her head back and kicked her knees out so she dropped to the ground– bringing her mouth closer to my hardened cock. Yes.

“Please Master, fill my mouth with your hard cock and piss down my throat. Then fuck my ass hard and piss up my ass. Then fuck my bare, hairless little pussy and finish peeing with a great big flood so my pussy if filled with your piss.”

There is one thing I’ll say for Ashlie, she knows how to beg.

Just from hearing her beg for it, I wanted to fuck anal-sex-invertedher tight little pussy and piss while my cock was buried deep inside of her. A pussy is a beautiful vessel to piss in. You can piss deep in her and then make her straddle a bowl so she can drink it afterward.  When you piss in a slave’s mouth, she’s can only hold a little and the temptation to swallow is great for her.  When you piss deep up a slave’s ass, it’s awesome to watch her drink it — but it doesn’t always work out unless she’s had a good series of enemas beforehand so it doesn’t come out mixed with other solids.  But her pussy…oh my! You can piss deep up her pussy, using your slut as a custom fitted urinal, and afterward, she can put on a show that reminds me of her squirting! And then drink all my piss down afterward.  Yes, pissing up a slut’s pussy is one of the finest places a Master can pee.

And then I did just that. I ripped off her clothes, tearing her black


Pissing on herself

work outfit off of her, ruining it because she was NOT dressed like a whore for me –which pissed me off.  I proceeded to rape every hole she had starting with her ass and then giving her a tasty cock in her mouth which I forced deep down her throat till she gagged.  I tossed her onto the floor and raised her hips well over her head and pile-drove my cock into her ass again. I forced some fingers up her little twat and she was soaking wet so I switched holes and fucked her tight pussy till I was about to cum. Only then, did I fill her smooth, bare little pussy with a litre of piss. As I pissed, she frigged herself off madly with her fingers and as I looked into her eyes, she came so hard she squeezed my cock out of her pussy and sprayed herself with my piss as it shot out of her pussy.

Yes, she gave herself a golden shower with her cunt being the showerhead.

She valiantly tried to wipe up all of my piss and get it into her mouth  — and I decided that I would drink a lot of water today and put every drop of it into her wet pussy.


One thought on “She begged me to piss in all her holes

  1. AHHH SHE'S SO LUCKY… I've thought many times about my owner having friends over to hang out and get a big load and a big laugh out at my expense…I think about him cumming in me (me naked of course, my leash in his hand surrounded by all the other guys and being covered with writing in marker on my face/body, beer sprayed on me..) and of course he cums like an animal deep in my pussy.. and i get confused when he doesn't pull out but tells his friends to hold me down and "watch this".. And then i hear them all start laughing loudly when they see the realization on my face that my owner kept his cock in me to fill my pussy with his piss. Friends maybe join in and pee on me while owner finishes up, then makes me walk to and from the kitchen to get each of them a beer, squeezing my pussy to keep it all in (he'd be so mad if i leaked pee onto the carpet!!) Then when everyone has a beer and I've been good and kept it all in, he lets me waddle to the shower or the backyard where he fingers me or uses toys making me answer his questions about how it felt feeling the warm stream and realizing what he's it felt desperately squeezing to hold in the urine and how silly i think i looked waddling to and from the kitchen. I wonder what mantra he'd make me repeat when I finally came, spraying out his cum and piss mixed with my squirt… I bet he'd rub my nose in it afterward lolol God I love so much when he makes me drink lots of water and wait until he takes me out (or sometimes makes me walk around the neighborhood with him until i'm begging to go home so I don't wet my pants..of course that's up to him lol..). Love it too how he makes me come to the bathroom with him (or his friends) when he or they need to take a leak and kneel by their feet by the toilet to hold and aim their cocks for them so they can just stand there. …always makes me keep my face very close to the stream and if I'm not close enough for his approval, he'll quickly point his cock at me so i get an unexpected splash across the face lol)

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